Richard Dawkins confession: How scientist pinpointed ‘impossible’ universe questions

Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist more famous for his dogmatic atheism and sharp exchanges with religious leaders. He has written several books, mainly those considering science and the machinations of the natural world, as well as a handful on atheism and the problem of God.

Insistent in his belief there is no God, Dawkins maintains that while it is true science may never answer what or how the universe was created, it does not relay religion the opportunity to fill its place.

The question of what, who, or how the universe was created is age-old.

Last week, a study published in the journal Nature, detailed an experiment carried out in Japan that offers hope in revealing some clues about the universe’s beginning.

Scientists, using neutrinos – subatomic particles that appeared in significant numbers fractions of a second after the Big Bang – found more oscillations in neutrinos than in antineutrinos, suggesting the two do not just act as mirror images of each other but, in fact, behave differently.

The researchers say it is a strong clue in the quest to understand how matter outran antimatter after the universe was born.

The idea of something from nothing – a prominent aspect of religion and how it attempts to divulge the creation question – is hotly refuted by science.

Most religions believe that God created the universe.

Contemporary Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – are the biggest believers of this.

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Other religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism say there is no beginning or end to the universe, rather, it is cyclical.

While Buddhism believes there is no creator god, Hinduism is less clear, varying with its beliefs depending on the scriptures.

Science has not yet answered the question of how the universe was created.

The closest thing it has come to is the Big Bang Theory: a cosmological model of the observable universe from its earliest known periods, through its evolution.


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The theory, however, only explains from the point of creation and not what came before.

This has left many religions often tying in pseudo-science and reason that God set in motion the processes observed in the Big Bang.

During an interview with The Sun last month, Professor Dawkins dismantled such an argument.

He said: “It’s difficult and I’m not a physicist. I’m a biologist, but, I’ve read what the physicists say.

“The first thing to say is that it’s another of these gaps where even if science can’t answer it, it doesn’t mean religion can.

“There’s absolutely no reason to think that because science can’t answer a particular question, therefore religion can.

“Maybe science will answer it, maybe it won’t.

“But, if it won’t then certainly religion can’t answer it.”

In the same interview, Prof Dawkins branded David Cameron, the ex-Tory Prime Minister, “irresponsible” for putting the Brexit vote to Britain in 2016.

He said: “What I think about Brexit is that it was wrong to determine the future of our country and of Europe for the long term, for decades, maybe even for longer, on the basis of one vote, on one day, in June 2016.

If you take a vote one day, that’s all very well we do that in general elections but we know that at the most, five years, we can have another go, we can change our minds again.

“This was an incredibly irresponsible decision by David Cameron.”

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