Ricky Gervais predicts second pandemic worse than Covid will wipe out humanity

Ricky Gervais fears another pandemic worse than coronavirus is on the way that will wipe out humanity.

And the funnyman reckons it will be started by a human eating an odd animal – just like the Covid-19 outbreak is said to have been passed on by bats.

Ricky, 59, said in an internet live chat: “I’m just hoping Covid will settle down.

“I don’t think this will end humanity – the next one will, the next thing will come.

“Someone will just be like, ‘What’s this one? Someone somewhere has been eating aardvarks and it is the worst f*****g disease ever – your eyes fall out, because someone ate a f*****g aardvark.

“So, that will kill us.”

The After Life creator also shared fears civil war and global warming are also the biggest threats facing humanity, adding the dangers put his daily irritations “in perspective”.

He added if Covid forces him out of the entertainment industry he wants to become “a woodsman”.

Ricky – who has been self-isolating with long-term partner Jane Fallon, 59, in their £11million London mansion – said: “I’d love to be a doctor or an architect or a scientist, but all I can do is this s**t.

“I’m a qualified f*****g idiot.

“I think it would be something to do with science and nature, either academic or just helping wildlife, even if was like volunteering keeping woodlands – it would be quite nice.

“Like a woodman. I’d live in a log cabin in the wood, I’d chop down trees that are dangerous and I’d get visited by magic goblins and faries when I lose my axe.”

Despite chancellor Rishi Sunak’s advice to people out of work to retrain, Ricky insisted people should stick to doing what makes them happy – even if it drives them into poverty.

He ranted: “All you should do is what would make you happy, just try for that, because even trying to do something that makes you happy, you’re doing something you like.

“I’ve never bought that thing were people go, ‘I’ll work really hard in a job I hate for 20 years and then I can do what I want’, because it just doesn’t happen.

“It’s better to struggle financially for 20 years because you just can’t waste all that time – the money is just irrelevant.

If you’re getting boats and cars and whatever you want and hate it, it’s better to be happy and poor, than less happy and rich – it’s just a no brainer.

“Do what you love, easy.

“You don’t need a lot, I don’t know what people think they’re missing.

“I don’t know what people are thinking when they go on Instagram and see people standing beside a boat – it’s not their boat.

“They’re not happy – they wouldn’t be posing next to someone else’s boat and posting it on Instagram if they were happy.

“For me, it’s sitting here, drinking and talking b******s.”

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