Rihanna Transforms Instagram Feed as She Encourages U.S. to 'Count Every Vote:' 'We'll Wait'

Please don't stop the vote counts.

Rihanna transformed her Instagram grid Wednesday night, calling for every vote in the presidential election to be counted. The singer, who uses her social platforms for political and social activism, made six separate Instagram posts to make her feed read "count every vote we'll wait."

The 32-year-old's message comes after President Donald Trump falsely declared victory Tuesday night and described vote-counting efforts as a "fraud." (His statements were faced with stark criticism from politicians and the general public alike.)

Rihanna also shared a similar message on her Twitter — this time, clapping emojis included.

"Count 👏🏿 Every 👏🏿 Vote 👏🏿 We'll 👏🏿 Wait," she wrote.

The "You Needed Me" star's push toward counting ballots comes as the Associated Press sets Joe Biden at 264 electoral votes to Trump's 214 — votes in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina continue to be counted.  The AP has yet to project a winner in these states.

On Tuesday night, Rihanna shared an encouraging message to her supporters.

"So proud of all of you who voted today and are still in line waiting at the polls to get this done," Rihanna wrote on her Instagram story.

Rihanna has been an avid critic of the president. In August she shared a photo of herself next to graffiti that read "F— Trump." She captioned the post, "art."

For the Fourth of July last year, Rihanna wore a T-shirt with the word "Immigrant" on the back.  (She's originally from Barbados.)

RiRi first debuted the shirt on Instagram last June, along with the caption: "hey 👋🏿 @realdonaldtrump." Her message was a response to the president's immigration policies.

And in 2018, she said she wanted Trump to stop playing her music at his rallies.

"Me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies," she tweeted in part.

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