Rita Ora admits fame’s highs and lows and lonely hotels rooms can leave her lost

Rita Ora is unquestionably one of the biggest stars in the world right now.

With four UK number one singles, 13 Top 10s and 21 Top 40s, the British beauty is seemingly never off the airwaves.

And when she is, she's taking over the small screen on shows like The Masked Singer or casually shooting a new film alongside Michael Cane.

However, while private planes and luxury hotels may give off the impression Rita has the perfect life, the British beauty admits at times she's felt alone due to her neverending schedule.

Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online from her West London home, Rita said: "It is hard to explain as it is such a high and then it is such a low. It’s is such a big difference.

"It happens all the time. Especially when I have done something like a show… I get home and I’m like 'wow this is crazy'.

"I still don’t believe it to be honest but I definitely love it. I love everything that I do. The longer I stay in the business the more hungry I get."

Rather than looking like a she's preaching from a place of privilege, Rita insists the unpredictable nature of live in the public eye simply makes her work harder and roll with the punches.

"It is the way the cookie crumbles. It’s just how I have been functioning, I always want to go to the next thing," she continues when asked if it can get too much at times.

The Let You Love Me songstress explained: "You have to find a medium with anything.

"Be it with meditating or talking to friends on FaceTime.

"Just to keep a normal routine – even though my job isn’t normal – but I have done it for almost 10 years.

"I never take it for granted. I still get that adrenaline rush form the first time I have been onstage.

"I try to work out all the time to keep my sanity as you can really got lost in this world. I think it is important."

Rita Ora rocks skintight sports bra and leggings as she stays fit during isolation

Rita's latest single How To Be Lonely – a thumping pop anthem written by Lewis Capaldi – focuses on the importance of finding comfort within yourself even when you're alone.

Rather than being the lead single from her third album, Rita says the song simply spoke to her and resonated with how she is feeling.

The starlet explained: "It represents the beauty in knowing yourself and that it’s okay to have occasions where you are on your own.

"I have had experiences myself when I am touring where you have to really be okay with your company and sometimes people struggle to do that.

"It is a celebration of not hiding away from the pressures of the outside world.

"It is a very big difference – going from fans and people around you in the day to a hotel room at night."

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Despite never actively encouraging speculation about her love life, Rita's private life and chart success have rolled into one over the years.

Most months bring new reports Rita has found the one in the form of a hunky new man, be it Liam Payne – who she fiercely insists is simply a great friend – or most recently Jude Law's son Rafferty, after meeting on the set of Twist.

At the start of her career, the pop starlet admitted she would actively follow every rumour about her private life, leading her to become hurt at the claims.

"In the beginning I did read it all. I’m the beginning I was really upset about it but now I have built a thick skin over it," Rita revealed.

"I genuinely don’t pay it no mind. I have realised with all the headlines I have had due to my past it comes and goes.

"Just like the rest of the world it just keeps moving you know. If you focus on your work and your world then all this noise just evaporates."

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Refusing to let tabloid chatter make her recoil, tighten her circle and exist in a bubble, Rita says she prefers to live and let live.

Rita said: "You have to be guarded and sensible but at the same time you have to live your life.

"I am all for living and for people just to be open with who they are. I have never pretended to be somebody else.

"With that comes an open book, comes opinions.

"You have to just be okay with the decisions you make as a human and I am good with the decisions that I make, I'm okay with my s***."

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While fans will no doubt be disappointed that How To Be Lonely isn't the starting gun to the third Rita Ora era, they can rest assured that Rita's focus is firmly back on music.

"I have so many songs that I have been writing since Phoenix so I am defiantly making an album," Rita insists.

"I always am but this song is a one-off. I felt it was so relatable and I wanted to put it out.

"I feel honestly that is how music is going. You put out the songs that you like and then wow you have an album.

"I definitely have a lot of single options in the pipeline for sure."

While the gap between RO2 and RO3 will be nothing like the gap between RO1 and RO2, Rita says many songs that were shelved during her highly publicised battle with her then-label Roc Nation could still be released via her third album.

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Speaking frankly about the edgier and darker tracks which never made it to Spotify or iTunes, Rita said: "I would definitely go back to that sound.

"Obviously during that time I was performing the songs that were getting blocked at the time.

"I still wanted to do new music but I had this streak of frustration and anger at that point.

"I am really proud of Kingdom Come and Religion actually, there is still potential for them to make the next album since they haven’t been on an album. I do still own them.

"I literally have a file with so many songs. It’s great. I listen back and I’m like 'oh gosh. I remember that.'"

Rita added: "For me now on the other side I feel like I have a sense of freedom both musically and creatively.

"I may tap back into that personality but back then I was just completely really angry.

"Now it is definitely a lighter impact on my music but I will probably tap in in a while, I am not going to be happy forever!"

Rita Ora's new single How To Be Lonely is out now

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