Russell Westbrook Reveals He Blew Off Meeting Michael Jordan as a Kid to Play a Pick-Up Basketball Game

Russell Westbrook has a Michael Jordan story unlike any other.

The 31-year-old NBA star explained on Jimmy Fallon‘s at home-edition of the Tonight Show Tuesday that he nearly met Jordan, 57, as a child.

“The first time I had an opportunity to meet Michael Jordan, I was probably about, I would say 10 or 11, maybe,” Westbrook recalled. “My parents sent me to Michael Jordan Camp in Santa Barbra. At the end of Michael Jordan camps, usually every kid — every team — you need to bring something for Michael Jordan [to] sign, you need to stand in line, you need to be ready to go.”

“When my team was up to get a basketball signed, I don’t know what I was thinking, but when it was my time to go, I was in the middle of a game,” the athlete explained. “I was playing pick-up with other kids. And then my coach was like ‘Come on, come on, come on. You’re gonna miss your opportunity to get a picture with Michael Jordan and an autograph from Michael Jordan.’ ”

Westbrook also said he’s watched the first two episodes of The Last Dance, a new HBO docuseries that offers an intimate look at Jordan and the key players of the 1997-1998 Bulls.

“Such great insight,” Westbrook said of the docuseries. “It’s such a great start to a great documentary. I’m excited to see what next week brings.”

The first two parts of The Last Dance, which premiered on Sunday, scored more than 6 million viewers, making it the most watched docuseries in ESPN history, CNN Reported.

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