San Francisco's 'Full House' Home Sells for $5M USD

The home from the 1987 American sitcom Full House has just sold for $5,350,000 USD.

Jeff Franklin, creator and executive producer of the show, bought the house in 2016 but decided to put it back on the market last year. The property is nestled on 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco and stands three-stories tall with a Victorian-style facade. In the four-bedroom home is 3,728 square feet of living space that has been massively renovated with modern interiors that include a master suite, fireplace, walk-in closet, jacuzzi and a backyard with an English garden — a far cry from the original ’80s decor that fans of the series are familiar with.

Franklin initially wanted to remodel the place to replicate the TV show’s set and have it open for tourists to visit, but neighbors weren’t pleased with the idea and the creator’s building permits were taken away. Since the home’s new interiors don’t resemble the show, Franklin added cement tiles in the backyard garden with hand-prints and signatures from the main cast to serve as memorabilia.

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My new house in San Francisco. Look familiar?!

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