Sarah Jessica Parker Gives First ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot Details

“Sex and the City,” the podcast? Or “And Just Like That,” the TV series?

Sarah Jessica Parker gave the first bits of information regarding the reboot of “Sex and the City” while speaking on a virtual luncheon Wednesday afternoon from New York — including that the idea was born during lockdown, the reboot almost came in the form of a podcast and that it won’t be called “Sex and the City” after all, perhaps hinting at the new name.

During the Central Park Conservancy’s Inaugural Playground Partners Galentine’s Celebration, thrown by the Women’s Committee, Parker joined Alina Cho in conversation on all things Central Park, including the famed “Sex and the City” scene where she fell in the water at the park’s boathouse.

‘It’s so funny you should mention that,” Parker said when Cho brought up the scene. “That was a Richard Tyler dress that they had loaned us. And there was one of those dresses and that was it. So we shot the scene up to that moment, did coverage up to that moment, and that was one of the great and fun memories that I have, among many.”

Cho then pivoted to the newly announced reboot of the iconic HBO show, which Parker shared with the world via an Instagram video posted exactly a month ago with the words “and just like that.” Parker said that vaccinations pending, they hope to begin production sometime this spring.

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“I think Zoë Kravitz on your Instagram comments captured what all of us are feeling when she said, in all caps, ‘screaming at the top of my lungs,’” Cho told Parker. “Why now?”

“It’s funny, we weren’t planning it,” Parker said. “Michael Patrick King, who’s the showrunner, we haven’t discussed it. It actually happened during the shelter-in-place, during the early days. I want to say around April or May. I was actually listening to a podcast, and it occurred to me that Michael Patrick and I had never talked about our experience of actually making and producing the show, that there was a very specific story related to that, which is a bounty of details and the minutiae of what it takes, as you know, to produce a show and be on the streets and all of that, which I love and am fascinated by. And I called him up, because I was listening to this podcast about a show, and I said, ‘You know Michael, we’ve never talked about it and it’s sort of uniquely our story.’

“And so we started talking about maybe doing a podcast, and as we were talking about that we realized like, ‘why are we doing a podcast? Should we maybe think about a new chapter — not calling it ‘Sex and the City,’ calling it something else, sort of the next chapter,’” Parker continued. “And I think a lot of it was because this city was experiencing something so unimaginable, so unique. And every city and every community in every city had its own story and their own singular experience of the pandemic. New York shut down in a way that also affects lots of other people, because it’s the center of finance, it’s the center of culture, one could argue. So its silence was deafening. And I kept thinking ‘where are these women? Where are they? Can they find one another? Can they be together? What is their life like?’ And as the political climate and the social climate started changing, in terms of calls for justice and racial equality, all these conversations were becoming a huge part of our experience inside of our homes, Michael and I just became really interested. And thus was born ‘and just like that.’”

Perhaps a hint at the reboot’s new name? Audiences will have to wait to see as Parker didn’t elaborate further, but did speak on topics the new series will cover in the characters’ lives.

“It’s going to be very exciting to see where these women are and what their lives are like now. Miranda and Charlotte have teenage children, what has Carrie been doing with her time, what is it like vis-à-vis social media and the digital world, what is their life professionally, what is their life in terms of the conversations that the world is having right now,” Parker said. “And also the rebirth of New York, as we look toward our city reopening, as it were. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see these women emerge as well.”

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