Sassy French woman praised for response to man catcalling her at train station

A French woman has gone viral all over the world for her reaction to a man catcalling her at a train station.

In a video uploaded on TikTok by user @gabin.sarah the woman, Sarah, is standing on the platform in the evening, minding her own business and staring straight ahead.

A man then steps forward and starts chatting to her, provoking an interesting response.

Sarah throws her arms out in a bat-like stance and roars at the top of her voice in a way viewers joked was "demonic" – making the man jump back in shock.

He looks around nervously and then edges away, while she turns around and resumes her former pose with a casualness that has seen her labelled "queen" on the video-sharing app.

The hilarious video, which was watched more than 8.2 million times, was titled "Technique pour faire fuire un homme" which translates as "technique to make men run away" and it definitely seems effective.

One amused viewer commented: "Why is this so funny?"

Another fan said: "My aunt taught me to do this but she also said to swing your purse around your head."

"YAAS QUEEN get them scared," said a third supporter.

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Meanwhile, other women thanked her for the unorthodox technique and said they would be using it if they were harassed again.

"I did this and yea it worked thank you," said one.

Someone else said: "Yep I’m about to let my demons come out like that next time haha."

This comes after women in London said they were afraid to walk home alone and offered advice on how to be less threatening.

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One said: "If you're walking behind a woman, even at a distance, and it's dark, cross over to the other side of the road and walk there instead.

"I’ve had men do this a couple of times and it's like a huge weight lifted."

Another person said to pretend to you are on the phone having a normal conversation if you are walking behind a "scared" woman.

"Silent people are more frightening than hearing someone talking," they said.

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