Save Big on Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro Headphones Today

With the exception of food, water, and plenty of hand sanitizer, a good pair of headphones is one of the most important things you can own during quarantine. (Yes, even more so than sourdough starter.)

Whether you want to take a video conference call in private, blast your pump-up playlist on your next outdoor run, or just want to get some peace and quiet from your noisy roommate, the right pair can make your day-to-day somewhat manageable. If you’re looking for a great pair to wear as you spend the foreseeable future indoors, you’re in luck. Right now, Verizon is discounting two of Apple’s popular earbuds: The AirPods and AirPods Pro.

There’s a reason it feels like everyone you know own these ridiculously popular earbuds. Apple has successfully reimagined its intuitive technology and sleek design—you know, the things that made you fall in love with the iPod many moons ago— into a pair of earbuds. Fortunately, Verizon’s giving you a rare opportunity to save big on two great models.

2nd Gen AirPods with Wireless Charging Case




Made with an intuitive H1 headphone chip, Apple makes it easy to sync its second-generation AirPods up with your phone. Simply pair your buds with your smartphone once and they’ll automatically turn on and connect every time you pull them out of their case. Plus, the headphone chip uses optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect whether they’re actually in your ears. The AirPods are also Siri-compatible, so you can have all your burning questions answered by saying, “Hey, Siri.”

While the AirPods’ battery life offers up to five hours of listening time, its complementary wireless charger makes it possible to power up your buds on the go. While the second-generation AirPods normally cost $199.99, Verizon is currently selling them for $30 less.

AirPods Pro




Or, if you want to take your listening experience up a couple of notches, check out Apple’s AirPods Pro. While this pair has the same look and feel of Apple’s standard AirPods, it has a few significant upgrades.

With three silicone tips that click into place, the AirPods Pro feature a customized fit to keep external noises out. According to Verizon, its the only in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation continuously adapts to your ears. Translation: You can finally have that peace and quiet you’ve been searching for. Thanks to 24 hours (!) of battery life and an expanded mesh microphone port that’s particularly useful during windy weather, you can literally use these headphones anytime, anywhere.

Of course, Apple AirPods Pro are slightly more expensive. While they normally cost $249.99, you can currently buy them for $20 less. Sure, spending $230 on earbuds isn’t cheap but when you think about how much you’ll actually use them, it’s well worth the investment.

But, regardless of which pair you buy, one thing’s for sure: Today’s a really good day to invest in a new pair of headphones.

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