‘School kid’s’ rude drawing of dog at the vet makes teachers laugh out loud

A primary school kid’s drawing has left parents in stitches – although some think it's too good to be true.

Apparently, a girl made an amusing admission about her dog’s vet appointment when asked what she was getting up to that day.

She drew a picture of her dog next to a nurse with a wide smile – and knife in her hand!

Her brutally honest assignment was captioned: “My dog is going to get his balls cut off today.”

We’re sure the teacher had a chuckle when they marked the work – and Redditors have found it equally as amusing.

The girl’s uncle posted a picture of the drawing online with the caption: “My niece drew this at school yesterday”.

The post garnered more than 92,600 upvotes and hundreds of hilarious comments.

One Redditor laughed: “The nurse’s smile with the dead black eyes makes it even funnier.”

Another agreed: “She looks like the Joker from Dark Knight.”

A third joked: “That nurse must really like snipping balls: ‘Here I go snipping balls again!’”

And a fourth commented: “They say if you love your job you never work a day in your life. I just assume this lady loves cutting balls off.”

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The post also prompted other teachers to come forward with their own funny stories.

One wrote: “I work in a school, currently with second graders, one of the girls was drawing Rudolph (and a daughter she made up for him) around Christmas and there was a weird black thing she drew on his belly.

“I thought maybe it was just an error, but she's actually really good for her age, plus the thing wasn't on the drawing of his daughter.

“Then I looked at her other drawings of him, more detailed ones, realised she was drawing his d*ck. Didn't say a word besides praising her hard work, lol.”

And another said: “Omg! Working at a school this is great. I’m sharing this with my teacher friends.”

Even though many were amused by the drawing, some questioned whether or not it was really drawn by a child.

One Redditor accused: “I am convinced an adult drew this in the style of a child's drawing. It's still funny, at least.”

And another theorised: “The font looks like a kid wrote it, the dog looks like a kid drew it, but the nurse looks added by an adult.”

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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