Sculpt Society’s Megan Roup Shares How to Use Household Items (Including Wine!) in Workouts

"I love a plank and plank variations because it is full-body," she tells PEOPLE. "I also love hip mobility exercises, which is a big focus in my sculpt workouts. For example, while kneeling and both forearms on the ground, lift your working knee into your working shoulder and extend your leg straight back for 24 reps. I love this exercise because it hits your obliques and glutes."

"For a second exercise, hold the leg straight back in the same position and pulse your leg up an inch for 24 reps," she adds. "These small targeted exercises will heat up quickly and help strengthen your glutes."

Roup, who has been teaching fitness for almost 10 years, also wants to remind people stuck at home that they shouldn't worry about maintaining longer workouts during this already stressful time.

"It is important to remember we are all in this together, aim for balance and set up motivating rewards for yourself," she says. "Don’t pressure yourself that you need to tackle a 45 or 60-minute workout daily – you can achieve just as much stress relief and physical results by doing the right routines that are half the length!"

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The fitness expert says that a 20 or 30-minute workout is much more approachable and easier to fit into a schedule. For those struggling with motivation, she also recommends trying to stick to a fitness program and to find a virtual workout buddy to do it with you.

"On The Sculpt Society app, I have a 4-week program and I find the clients that have something to follow, a friend to do it with and a community surrounding them, as well as are realistic with their goals, have a much better experience," she says.

Roup, a former professional dancer, launched The Sculpt Society 3 years ago. The workout plan blends follow-along dance cardio and sculpting exercises for a full-body workout.

"I found there was a big gap in dance-based fitness and I wanted to create a method for all levels that empowered women to feel confident in their own bodies," she tells PEOPLE. "I want each member to leave class feeling successful and strong."

The trainer says that she has been going live on The Sculpt Society App every day to encourage her members during this time. People who don't subscribe to her program can try out her workouts during one of her Instagram Live sessions.

"I have been doing some really fun Instagram Live classes on my personal account, @meganroup," she says.

Join Roup and Kim Crawford for a live workout Friday, May 8, on her Instagram account.

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