See Liam Payne And Alesso's Drone-Assisted 'Midnight' Performance

Over the past month or so, we’ve seen plenty of artists get creative in quarantine by staging bedroom concerts, live talk shows, and the like. Just last week, Alesso and Liam Payne kicked the innovation up a notch by debuting a music video for their buoyant new collaboration, “Midnight,” which they filmed while self-isolating in their respective homes. And if you thought that was nifty, then just wait until you see their first-ever live performance of the song.

The British singer and the Swedish DJ reunited on Monday night (April 13) for a transatlantic performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Alesso constructed his club-like setup in the backyard of his Los Angeles crib, complete with a blazing fire pit and several flashing light beams. Payne, meanwhile, gave us a mini-tour of his London apartment by beginning the song in his living room and then venturing out to the rooftop as a drone followed him and captured some primo overhead shots. (He also, it must be said, wore a great pair of glasses for the occasion.)

Last week, Payne spoke about “Midnight” in an interview with MTV News, telling us, “The song has this really positive message of overcoming things in a relationship. It’s actually funny that it fits so well with the time right now — we’re all overcoming something bigger together. This song’s about that kind of adversity in a relationship and going that step further. You never thought you were going to get as far as you did, and here you are. It’s very uplifting.”

Along with giving us that awesomely high-production performance, Payne also took the opportunity to address those rumors about a potential One Direction reunion. Or rather, Corden not-so-subtly grilled the singer about it.

“Well, I’m not allowed to say too much obviously, because I’ve been giving it away. But we’ve been speaking a lot more at the moment,” Payne said about the rumored plan to celebrate the band’s 10-year anniversary this July. “You know, I think we’re all feeling that the 10-year is a very special moment. Especially at the age we are — you know, I’m only 26 and we’re 10 years into this, which is amazing. I had a beautiful FaceTime with Niall, who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, and been speaking with Louis. It’s been really nice, it’s a nice moment.”

In response, Corden said what we’re all thinking: “See, that’s really not the answer I or any other Directioner wanted, but I know it’s the only one you can give.”

Check out Payne and Alesso’s “Midnight” performance and interview above.

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