Sky Q: How to free up storage space on your satellite set-top box

Sky Q boasts a host of great features, including a fresh user interface and a refreshed remote control now able to perform voice commands. When Sky updated its set-top box from the Sky+ HD to the Sky Q box, the company aimed to make it easier to access a wider range of content — live, recorded and on-demand — than ever before. Sky Q achieved this by revamping its menu and allowing subscribers to seamlessly enjoy TV shows, sports and films across TVs, smartphones and other devices.

How to free up storage space on your satellite set-top box:

Sky Q boxes currently have up to two terabytes (2TB) of available space.

This is a massive amount of storage space, meaning users will likely never run out of space to record their favourite TV shows and films.

Sorting through your recordings on the Sky Q is easy as the Sky Q software allows users to sort their recordings in numerous ways.

The default option is most recent, but users can also sort recordings A-Z or by type, such as purchases and rentals.


  • Sky is offering customers something Virgin Media can’t currently match

The Sky Q TV guide reveals, as you would expect, what is on TV.

Users can sort the guide by linear channels or by channel type, making it easier to find what you wish to watch.

The TV guide is also where you can set up recordings and you can also access catch-up TV from the guide, too.

Alternatively, you can access catch-up TV through the dedicated section in the main menu.

Here users will find catch-up TV from some Freeview channels — including All 4 and BBC iPlayer — and Sky series.

Sky Q boxes also offer quick access to many on-demand content.

This includes dedicated sections for Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Box Sets.

If your current subscription does not offer access to these, you can upgrade within the box directly, meaning there is no need to contact Sky.


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Users can also gain access to the Sky Store where they can buy or rent box sets and films.

Some of these are available through add-ons like Sky Cinema or Box Sets, but some are exclusive to the Sky Store.

Similar to the recommendations for live TV, the on-demand TV sections recommend personalised content based on the time of day.

There is also a dedicated Kids section on the Sky Q boxes.

This stores on-demand content and recordings identified as being for children, meaning they have their own easy-to-use section.

Other Sky Q features:

Sky Q also includes a music section where users can listen to the latest hits on VEVO.

The box also has Bluetooth and airplay capabilities, meaning they can stream music from phones or tablet through their TV.

This is a great feature for those with the Sky Soundbox.

Users can also watch short-form content from the likes of Vice, GQ and even YouTube in the Online Video section.

These videos are sorted by genre or you can choose the editor’s picks of what is popular.

The Apps section offers access to Sky News and updates from Sky Sports, even for those without a Sky Sports subscription.

The section also boasts apps for weather and photo-sharing.

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