Smart cooking trick stops cookies from spreading – making them thick and chewy

Most of us love a good cookie.

And, they’re surprisingly easy to make using just a few ingredients.

However, it can be disappointing to whip up a batch only for them to spread on the baking spray.

Then, you’re left with crunchy, thin biscuits rather than pillowy cookies.

Luckily, there’s a super simple solution.

Use it and you’ll get soft, chewy cookies every time.

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Breanna Leggett shared the hack on her recipe group Pinch of Yum.

The Facebook page features lots of tasty and easy recipe hacks.

Breanna shared an infographic on her page.

She captioned the snap: "Those of you who voted for more Cooking Hacks, they are coming at you!

"Here's one cooking hack per day!"

The infographic said: “Start baking your cookies in a muffin tin.

“They’ll stay soft and fluffy and won’t spread out so thin.”

You can grab a muffin tin very cheaply from Argos – they cost around £5.

The clever trick stops the dough from merging or spreading too far.

We’d also suggest using more brown sugar than white in your chocolate chip cookie recipe to get that chewy texture just right.

Plus, try adding one additional egg yolk to the mix (leave out the extra egg white) if you prefer a thick cookie.


Breanna’s fans were excited by the clever cooking hack and tagged friends and family to share the tip.

We think it’s pretty clever ourselves.

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