Smartphone fans discover secret 'X-ray vision' mode that sees through clothes

Gadget fans have stumbled across a special filter on a premium smartphone that allows you to see through plastics and some layers of clothing.

This ‘X-ray vision’ mode is actually an infrared filter that can be accessed through the smartphone app.

The mode has been discovered on the recently-released OnePlus 8 Pro where it’s called the ‘Photochrom’ filter. Tech fans have found it can see through thin plastic (like on a TV remote) as well as black clothing like t-shirts.

When using infrared, the camera can pick up a type of radiation that’s invisible to the human eye. So while there’s loads of infrared radiation around us at all times, we don’t think about it because we don’t see it.

Because infrared passes through certain materials, we’ve developed technology to utilise this. For example, night vision goggles convert infrared to visible light – which sits just below it on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Since more and more phones are incorporating more advanced sensors, it appears they can be used for more than just taking nice pictures.

In the case of OnePlus, it was first picked up on by Twitter user Benjamin Geskin who used the mode to peer through the casing of an Apple TV.

The iPhone’s TrueDepth camera also uses an infrared sensor to enable the FaceID unlocking system.

The well-known YouTube gadget channel Unbox Therapy also used the OnePlus 8 Pro to look through clothing.

Alongside the Clark Kent-style X-ray vision, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a bevvy of other photographical assets.

The four different cameras on the back of the device bring slightly different things to the party. Users can zoom in with the 3x telephoto camera or zoom out with the 48-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera.

If you’re so inclined you can adjust white balance and ISO settings to your heart’s content and even shoot in RAW format.

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