Sony Has Reportedly Discontinued Its DSLR Camera Range

It seems like Sony has just discontinued the last remaining DSLR models in its camera range.

According to a new report from Engadget, the Japanese tech giant has now stopped selling any of its A-mount DSLR cameras, removing all listings of the A68, A99 II and A77 II from its official website. The same models are also listed as “no longer available” from B&H Photo Video, a retailer for cameras and photography equipment.

The move shouldn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the photography industry. The last DSLR model the company announced was back in 2016, and since then it has focused primarily on developing more powerful mirrorless cameras, like its new flagship Alpha 1, which was announced back in January this year.

For now, Sony hasn’t made any official comments regarding the discontinuing of its DSLRs.

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