‘Sound of Metal’ Actor Jeremy Lee Stone Signs With M88 (EXCLUSIVE)

“Sound of Metal” actor Jeremy Lee Stone has signed with M88 for representation across acting, consulting and speaking engagements. The agency will also represent Stone in other areas.

Stone, who is the founder of ASL (American Sign Language) Elements, is best known for his work on Amazon Studios’ “Sound of Metal” starring Riz Ahmed. Stone also served as Ahmed’s Deaf consultant and ASL instructor.

The film, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, follows a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing. As Ruben (Ahmed) navigates the world, he grapples with his identity and meets Stone’s character, who helps him.

To prepare Ahmed for the part, Stone spent seven months teaching him ASL during daily, two-hour lessons, five days a week, and integrating him into the Deaf community.

Stone was born and raised in New York City. He attended a school for the Deaf then later transitioned to a mainstream setting. As a teenager, he joined and performed with a poetry club for five years. His involvement there taught him how to present and express American Sign Language to an audience as an art. His interest in language continued to guide his learning experience, leading him to establish an Instagram account that included ASL storytelling.

The positive impact of the stories posted were evident after receiving growing attention on the page. The success fueled his desire to share his passion through business. This is when ASL NYC and ASL Elements were born, spaces that welcome deaf, hearing and hard-of-hearing students who are interested in expression through ASL and learning the language as a purely visual form of communication.

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