Spoilers: Baby news, Aaron risks it all, Elly hurt and more in Neighbours

It’s a week of angst in Neighbours as Elly awaits her trial, Mackenzie loses her home and Aaron faces an uncertain future.

It’s the week before Elly Conway’s (Jodi Anasta) trial and she’s doing everything she can to keep her mind in the game. But a shock from Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) threatens to derail everything.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is up to his old tricks once again now that Mannix is back in town, and this time he’s set to pull Aaron (Matt Wilson) into his dark world. This move could far-reaching consequences, is he about to ruin the future for his family?

Aaron’s involvement in Paul’s illegal activities will have a direct impact on his plans for fatherhood. Will this stop him from being a dad?

Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) secret is out, will she now be forced to leave Erinsborough for good?

And there’s a nice bit of positivity from the Brennans when Mark (Scott McGregor) reveals his baby news!

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Mannix to ruin Paul Robinson?

Paul Robinson is has found himself involved in Mannix’s dodgy world once again and this time it could cost him big. When he learns about Harlow being around when Mackenzie’s apartment is raided he hits the roof, but she has no idea just how deeply involved he is himself. Later, he ropes Aaron in by telling him to deal with the stolen goods he finds hidden at The Shed – and it could have a huge impact on Aaron’s future. What has Paul got himself into?

Will Mackenzie be saved?

The police raid Mackenzie’s flat leaving her and Harlow freaked out. Paul goes off on one at Harlow for her part in it, but they’re missing the point – Mackenzie has now blown her secret and has nowhere to live. She comes clean to the Rebecchis about not wanting to impose on them after Gary’s death, and they’re dismayed she couldn’t come to them. Will they save her from being sent away?

Aaron risks fatherhood plans while Mark has baby news

Mark has huge baby news for the family! And it gets Aaron and David thinking, it’s time they sorted their family situation out. They begin to look into fostering and grow excited at planning a future. But is their bubble to burst? Aaron finds himself being pulled into Paul’s dark world when he is told by his father-in-law to deal with the stolen goods found at The Shed. While Aaron is busy doing stuff for Paul it makes him late for his fostering appointment with David. Could Aaron find himself in a whole heap of trouble after getting roped into handling the stolen stash? And could he put his dreams of fatherhood in jeopardy, especially when David finds out?

Crossed wires for Kyle and Roxy

Roxy and Kyle have completely misread each other. Kyle thinks they’ve agreed to start seeing each other, Roxy thinks they’re still just mates. Awkward. They make plans to hang out and both misunderstand the intentions behind the day. Will these two ever get on the same page?

Elly’s wounded by the truth

The trial is just around the corner and Elly and Toadie are working hard to give her the best chance of getting through it. Claudia, meanwhile, is looking for ways to trip them up. Elly is tense and desperately nervous, and she goes looking for her best friend for support. But she’s stopped in her tracks when she accidentally overhears some of Chloe’s private conversations. Has even her BFF turned against her?

Paul makes a shock move

Paul has royally mucked up this time and he has some amends to make. In an unexpected move he comes clean to the police about things with Mannix and receives and official caution. He tries to apologise to David and Aaron but they’re not ready to hear it. Has he finally burned that bridge?

Scenes air Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th May on Channel 5.

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