Spoilers: Unlucky in love Toadie joins Tinder in Neighbours

Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) love life is the equivalent of getting a lump of coal in your stocking, so having hit rock bottom he’s ready to get serious in Neighbours and get himself back onto the nice list. But he needn’t bother, he’s set for tragic times ahead as he embraces the world of online dating.

Things have come to a halt with Audrey so he dives straight in for a baptism of fire, deciding to join Tinder as a first foray into the dating world. And poor Toadie is about to get a taste of just how brutal singledom can be as reality gives him a big wallop across the face.

Despite being new to the app Toadie enjoys some success with it and even scores himself a first date.

Things go really, really well and the single dad realises that he’s still got game. He’s excited for the prospect of a second date and thinks perhaps he’s not so unlucky in love after all.

Now that was his first mistake, he’s downright cursed. Or is just experiencing online dating in all it’s glory?

He experiences the devastating side to Tinder that he may never have had the misfortune to experience before – he gets ghosted. Toadie is rocked when his date – who seemed to be really into him – brutally unmatches him and disappears without a trace. He’s left wondering what on Earth he did wrong and his confidence is knocked. Is this enough to make him delete the app before he’s even got started and give up on finding love altogether?

Scenes air from Monday 4th January on Channel 5.

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