Stacey Solomon transforms son Rex’s bedroom wardrobes using £3.50 pandas for handles

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Stacey Solomon has been injecting her creativity into her home renovations as she has set to work transforming her £1.2million pad lovingly named “Pickle Cottage”.

The 30 year old, who recently built a gorgeous bed for her one year old son Rex, has shared her latest “tap to tidy” with her 4.4million Instagram fans.

Stacey revealed that her latest project of renovating Rex’s bedroom wardrobes had taken her “a couple of weeks” to complete as she has been “just doing bits at a time” in between her busy schedule.

The wardrobes before were painted in cream and has been crafted in a traditional style with pretty windows dressed with floral curtains.

The Tap to Tidy author firstly removed the curtains and handles from the wardrobes before she started to paint with a gorgeous pale grey.

She said: “I didn’t sand it or prime it… I just took the curtains off and painted.”

Stacey revealed how she wanted to do “something different” with the open shelving at the side.

Captioning the Instagram, she penned: “Then after it fully dried, I decided to add some tiles into the shelf corners. Just for something different.

“These sheets were so cheap and from Amazon and you just peel and stick.”

Taking a look, we can see Stacey has opted for a white brick effect to add texture to the back of the shelving.

In keeping with the animal design in Rex’s bedroom, Stacey drilled holes in £3.50 panda figurines before screwing them into the wardrobe to be used as handles, adding: “I love them so much.”

Sharing a picture of before, it appeared Stacey had taken the snap before she ripped up the carpets and sanded the floors.

In true Stacey style she revealed her “tap to tidy” to showcase her new updated wardrobes featuring the gorgeous grey design with a sweet animal theme.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: “I’m so proud of this little wardrobe it’s taken me a while but I am so pleased with it.

“I need to cork the top and bottom still but I LOVE IT so much.”

The mum-of-three took to her story to thank her followers for their messages, adding: “Your messages are so lovely. I honestly get so much joy out of doing this stuff.

“And then when you say lovely things about it, it’s just the best feeling ever!

She added: “Just thanks for being so nice!”

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