#Stayhome guide for Wednesday: Toss up a spicy salad to whet your appetite, reenact readings of local legends and more

1 LISTEN: An environmental podcast

1 LISTEN: An environmental podcast. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

The Straits Times’ The Green Pulse podcast delves into the severe bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and asks if it is still worth visiting for tourists after Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

The two-part podcast features ST’s environment correspondent Audrey Tan and climate change editor David Fogarty discussing the issue with Dr David Wachenfeld, chief scientist at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in Townsville, Queensland.

Info: str.sg/JQmK and str.sg/JQmr

2 LEARN: Food photography skills

2 LEARN: Food photography skills. PHOTO: ALEXANDER OW

These days, documenting one’s dinner is the thing to do, either a new recipe we tried out or something scrumptious that was ordered in.

If you want to up your food photography game and stand out from the reels of posts out there, tune in at 8pm tonight for this live online workshop, Food Photography: Curation To Creation, conducted by professional photographer Alexander Ow.

The class is part of Canon Singapore’s series of live webinars and masterclasses that offer tips and tricks from top photographers.

Info: www.facebook.com/pg/CanonSGOfficial/events

3 REENACT: Readings of local legends

3 REENACT: Readings of local legends – Singer-actor Benjamin Kheng (above). PHOTO:  NATIONAL HERITAGE BOARD/FACEBOOK

Singer-actor Benjamin Kheng narrates the local classic, Attack Of The Swordfish, about how Bukit Merah got its name.

You can participate by sending in videos of yourself acting out scenes in the tale to the National Heritage Board (NHB) via Facebook or Instagram.

This project is part of Heritage Tales, a digital storytelling initiative by NHB . It will feature other local personalities such as Joseph Schooling in future readings.

Info: str.sg/JQmu


4. Covid-19 stay-home recipe: Spicy salad to whet your appetite


It may sound strange to eat something spicy to whet your appetite given the hot and humid weather. But I find that this north-eastern Chinese spicy cold dish of enoki mushroom and cucumber does its job as an appetiser.

A chef friend introduced me to the dish at a north-eastern Chinese eatery last year.

He says the dish helps to perk up his appetite whenever he is not in the mood to eat after a day of labour in the hot kitchen.


5. Covid-19 stay-home guide: Gourmet food for the masses

The Masses Lu Rou Fan (top left), Char Siew Lamb Rib Rice Bowl (above left), A4 Premium Wagyu Sirloin Don (top right) and Chawanmushi (above right) with morel mushrooms, uni and ikura.PHOTOS: TAN HSUEH YUN

When chef Dylan Ong started Saveur with fellow chef Joshua Khoo in 2011, it was to serve quality French food at affordable prices.

It grew into multiple restaurants, which they have since sold. But chef Ong is still sticking to his guns. He has even named the restaurant he now runs, in Beach Road, The Masses.

He and his team are not just winning the delivery game in this time of coronavirus, they are crushing it; by turning out delicious, well-priced food with French, Japanese and Singaporean accents.


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