Steph Curry struggled to start his live stream with Dr. Fauci because too many fans were requesting to join the broadcast

  • Stephen Curry was joined by Dr. Anthony Fauci on Instagram Live on Thursday for a Q&A session covering the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Ahead of the interview, Curry struggled to get Fauci to join the stream, due in large part to so many fans attempting to join the broadcast.
  • After more than 50,000 people joined in to watch his positive and compelling conversation with Fauci, Curry earned praise from many on social media for using his platform for good.
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On Thursday, Stephen Curry hosted a Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Instagram Live to help inform the public about the coronavirus pandemic that has put nearly half of the US under lockdown.

In their 30-minute conversation, Curry and Fauci discussed what made the virus so dangerous, as well as the steps that needed to be taken in order to "flatten the curve" and stop COVID-19 from spiking again.

But before Curry could get to any of that useful information, he had to get the live stream working first. Curry said the broadcast would begin at 1 p.m. EST, but it was nearly 10 minutes later before he was able to finally link up with Fauci.

As it turns out, the popularity of Curry's broadcast was one of the causes of the difficulty. Curry explained that so many viewers had requested to join the broadcast that he was struggling to find the one person he needed to bring into the conversation.

"All of y'all flooded my requests and now I can't get to Dr. Fauci's account," Curry said during his initial stream, before logging out and logging back in so he could make contact with Fauci.

When the two finally connected though, it was a successful conversation. Throughout the half-hour broadcast, viewership held steady at roughly 50,000 people. Big names including Justin Bieber and former President Barack Obama chimed in during the broadcast to share their approval.

"Listen to the science," Obama wrote in one comment, thanking the two for their conversation. "Do your part and take care of each other."

After the broadcast, many more praised Curry for using his voice to help share important information.

After the broadcast, Curry shared the entirety of the conversation on his social platforms, thanking those that tuned in and encouraging more people to share.

Athletes have shown there are plenty of ways to stay busy while stuck inside during the past week — from TikTok dances to golf trick shots. But Curry's interview with Dr. Fauci showed that there is also still important work that athletes can be doing right now, even if they can't be on the court.

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