Stephen Bear slammed for saying he’d fake suicide to make followers feel guilty

Ex on the Beach star Stephen Bear has sparked a fierce backlash after declaring he was tempted to fake killing himself to stop being targeted by social media users.

The reality TV star, 30, was widely criticised online after claims were made that he shared a sex tape of him and his Love Island star ex Georgia Harrison.

Georgia, 25, alleges he recorded the pair using CCTV cameras without her knowledge.

Stephen denies recording her and said it was not her in the tape.

The former CBB star later took to Instagram and spoke of "taking his own life" so "people feel sorry for him".

In an Instagram story clip Stephen described how he had considered taking revenge on online critics by staging his own suicide.

He said in the video: "I was so tempted to do the ultimate f***ing narcissist move and make everyone feel sorry for me."

Stephen also discussed a method for killing himself and said he could get a friend to save him if he staged the stunt.

He continued: "And all you people would have been like,” before placing his hand over his mouth.

Stephen went on: "Then you would backtrack and delete all your comments and all your news articles will all disappear.

"So that’s what happens, but you're lucky that I'm so strong."

Many Twitter users rushed to condemn Stephen after the clip was shared online.

One said: "What a disgusting vile pig! Please watch it all and make your own mind up about this vile statement. You never fail to disgust me @stephen_bear."

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Another tweeted: "He's so gross imagine talking about suicide like this on a public platform when so many people are genuinely struggling with suicidal thoughts. Disgusting."

A third raged: "No words for this… Always thought he was a complete waste… what an awful thing to say."

Daily Star Online has contacted Stephen Bear's reps for comment.

Georgia claimed Stephen posted the video online and several people have shown her the clip, Mirror Online reports.

She claimed: "So Bear has CCTV around his house, he purposely got me in a position where he knew it would be on CCTV quite a long time ago and after acted like he forgot the camera were there."

Stephen denies that it's her in the clip.

He said on Instagram: "I know for a fact when she's actually seen the video it's clearly not her, because like I say the time we were together was in Thailand.

"It’s not fair trying to embarrass her on here and now it has come onto me and f***ing hell man, it's not on and it's not nice at all, I'm being sincere when I say this."

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