SuperM Fans Are Convinced the Group's Comeback Is Imminent

It has been almost a year since SuperM was announced as a group, and October 4, 2020 will mark the one-year anniversary of their debut. As the days go on, SuperM fans are convinced the K-pop group will have a comeback sooner rather than later.

SuperM performed a new song for their ‘Beyond LIVE’ concert

On April 26, 2020, SuperM kicked off SM Entertainment and Naver’s “Beyond LIVE” virtual concert series. During the “Beyond LIVE” concert, the K-pop group gave fans hints about their future comeback album.

The Korean band told fans tuning into the virtual concert the album would be released “soon,” and they performed an unreleased song from the album called “Tiger Inside.” The song was incredibly catchy and featured dynamic choreography. During the song, special effects created digital tigers that ran around the stage as the band performed.

The septet also gave fans a sneak peek of three future sub-unit songs during “Beyond LIVE.” In the brief medley, they revealed Taeyong and Lucas will be a sub-unit with the song “Drip,” Baekhyun, Kai, and Ten will perform “We Go 100,” and Taemin, Ten, and Mark will have a song called “Line Em Up.”

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The ‘Beyond LIVE’ concert is available again

Recently, SuperM’s “Beyond LIVE” concert was uploaded to VLIVE for fans who purchased the livestream and VOD. However, SuperM’s performance of “Tiger Inside” was not included due to the fact the studio version of the song is not out yet.

Once the septet releases the song, the performance will be uploaded to the VOD version of the band’s “Beyond Live.” Because of this, fans think that the group’s comeback will happen soon.

One fan tweeted, “Tiger Inside was excluded due to tge release schedule but it would be included and uploaded again after release!! SUPERM COMEBACK YAS!”

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SuperM’s social media accounts are active

Over the past few days, the SuperM social media accounts have posted multiple throwback photos of the group. Hello82 also posted a new promotional video of SuperM on YouTube called “SuperM Gets Flustered by Kids.”

Because of the increase of social media activity and promotional footage, fans believe that a comeback announcement is close.

A Twitter user wrote, “superm releasing behind photos -> superm posting old interview in mexico -> superm on hello 82 -> superm promotions -> which means SUPERM COMEBACK???!!!”

“SuperM account getting so active these days, the comeback must be near,” one fan tweeted.

Taemin will have a comeback soon

The members of SuperM are known as the “Avengers of K-pop” because they all debuted and currently promote with other groups under SM Entertainment. Outside of their solo activities and promotions with their other groups, Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark come together and perform in SuperM.

Taemin is a member of SM Entertainment’s Shinee and an accomplished solo artist. He recently announced his third Korean studio album, Never Gonna Dance Again, will arrive this year. “Two Kids” is the title of the album’s promotional single, and it will be released on Aug. 4, 2020.

Never Gonna Dance Again will be released in two parts following the release of “Two Kids.” Based on this, a SuperM comeback would most likely be announced soon and follow Taemin’s solo comeback.

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