Tasha Ghouri loved this £4 mascara so much that she stole it from the Love Island villa

We’ve been waiting for the day when Tasha Ghouri would regain access to her social media. Why? Well, we do want to follow her life with Andrew in the real world, but mainly because we’ve been itching to know more about the makeup products she used in the Love Island villa to give her complexion such a gorgeous, bronzed appearance.

The 24 year old has listened and delivered the answers to our questions in the form of aYouTube videotitled “My everyday makeup!”. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

She starts the video with a disclaimer that she’s “no MUA” but that she gets asked so frequently about what she uses now, and what she used in the villa, that she felt it was high time she addressed her favourites in one video.

Tasha’s first product of choice – which she says is her go-to for giving her skin a glowy and dewy effect before she even begins with any makeup – is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, from£49 here. “It’s magic. It’s called magic and it is,” Tasha says.

Next, she bypasses any kind of foundation (to be a model, eh?) and jumps straight in with a bronzer, sculpting her cheekbones and nose with REFY Cream Bronzer,£18 here. “This is just amazing, you can tell I use it a lot. I dab it on, I don’t put too much on.” she says, adding: “I love a statement kind of eye, so this is personally how I like my makeup: a lighter base with a dewy look.”

Tasha takes that same bronzer over her eyelids using the same makeup brush. “See, I told you I was no MUA!” she jokes.

Tasha moves to her brows next and lists her preferred product as REFY Brow Pomade in shade medium,£14 here. “I’m just a fluffy eyebrow girl, I’ll always make them fluffy,” she says of her arches. She shapes her brows using the angled tip of the Masqd Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush,£8 here, and sets the hairs in place with REFY Brow Sculpt,£16 here.

Next, you guessed it, she goes back in with some more REFY on her cheeks. This time she turns to the brand’s Cream Blush,£14 here. “I do use a lot of REFY, it’s obvious. I do also use Charlotte Tilbury, but I love this.”

She applies the pigmented blush with the other end of the brush she used to apply her cream bronzer, sweeping the colour above her cheekbones and across nose. Finally, she finishes her look with 17 Extreme Extension Lengthening Mascara,£4 here. “This was actually in the villa and I stole it, it’s really good,” she says, signing off with: “I’ll also do a skincare routine video, so don’t you worry!”

We’ll be waiting for that, Tasha!


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