The 7 Best Laser Hair-Growth Devices

Topical hair growth treatments have been found to significantly improve the overall thickness and fullness of your strands. As the hair-regrowth benefits of laser light therapy continue to gain notoriety, many have recruited the help of the best laser hair-growth devices to correct the common symptoms of hair loss, including thinning hair, receding hairlines and male and female pattern baldness.

Unlike their LED light counterparts, lasers have a higher energy density that allows for more intense and effective stimulation of the hair follicles. Stocked with laser-emitting diodes that are strategically placed to fully and evenly cover your scalp, the best laser hair-growth devices reactivate your hair’s natural growth pattern by promoting blood circulation and collagen production, resulting in increased hair growth and thickness. Available in a wide range of intensities and models, these innovative at-home hair-growth devices offer a customizable treatment and are designed to create a safe and convenient experience. FDA-cleared and clinically proven to deliver results, you can choose between discrete laser hair-growth caps, headbands, helmets and scalp-massaging brushes depending on your preferences. Consult with your dermatologist and/or physician to determine if laser hair therapy is the best course of action to treat your hair loss concerns.

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Below, explore the best laser hair-growth devices that will help restore your hair’s natural fullness and thickness.

CapillusPro Laser Therapy Cap 

Boasting a convenient, easy-to-use baseball cap design, the CapillusPro Laser Therapy Cap is a clinically proven and FDA-approved hair-regrowth treatment that utilizes low-level laser therapy to address hereditary hair loss in men and women. Providing full scalp coverage for even results, one treatment only takes six minutes and emits 1,360 megawatt total energy output without causing irritation or discomfort. 

CapillusPro Laser Therapy Cap$2,999Buy Now

Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet

FDA-cleared and designed to deliver maximum results thanks to its cool laser phototherapy design, the Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet penetrates deep to stimulate hair growth, halting hair thinning and fallout while promoting the thickening and strengthening of existing follicles. Suitable for men and women experiencing thinning hair, receding hair lines and other symptoms of heredity hair loss, this innovative hair-growth device promises results in six months of consistent usage and is created for comfort with its cushioned and ergonomic design and automatic shut-off features.

Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet$895Buy Now

SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb

Combining the stimulating benefits of a scalp massager with the functionality of a brush, the SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb harnesses the power of infrared light therapy and massage therapy to promote blood circulation in the scalp, creating a healthier environment that encourages hair regrowth. Equipped with soft, silicone bristles that deliver 6,000 rpm vibrations, this versatile device features red and blue light functionality, allowing it to stimulate collagen production while balancing sebum production and soothing irritation, respectively.

SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb$31Buy Now

HairMax LaserBand 82

By applying 1,230 megawatts of therapeutic laser light therapy directly to the scalp, the HairMax LaserBand 82 device reinvigorates your hair follicles, stimulating regrowth and halting thinning and fall out. Travel-friendly and portable thanks to its compact design, this professional-grade at-home hair growth device is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to create healthier, thicker and fuller-looking hair.

HairMax LaserBand 82$795Buy Now

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Designed to visibly improve the fullness and thickness of your hair in three to six months, the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is a comfortable, at-home hair-growth device that is expertly calibrated to emit 650 nanometer of red light directly to the scalp to reactivate the hair follicles and stimulate regrowth. FDA-cleared, this ergonomically designed helmet acts as a successful treatment for male- and female-pattern baldness, hair thinning and shedding and receding hairlines.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System$695Buy Now

illumiflow 148 Laser Cap

When used three times weekly for 15 to 30 minutes, the illumiflow 148 Laser Cap promises to restore your hair’s natural volume, thickness and fullness in anywhere between four and six months. Stocked with 148 low-level laser emitting diodes that are strategically placed to fully and evenly cover the scalp, this convenient cap rejuvenates your follicles and triggers regrowth, helping you stop hereditary hair loss, thinning hair, receding hairlines and baldness in its tracks.

illumiflow 148 Laser Cap$599Buy Now

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

Best when used for eight minutes every other day, the HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb uses 12 medical-grade lasers and the brand’s patented hair-parting teeth to precisely target and reactivate your hair follicles, stimulating regrowth while performing a soothing and invigorating massage. FDA-cleared and clinically proven to show results, this device revives your hair’s natural growth cycle while creating thicker, stronger and fuller-looking strands.

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb $395Buy Now

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