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MOST people would agree that killing time in an airport before a flight is one of the worst aspects of going on holiday.

And it doesn't help that the airports try their best to make passengers spend as much of their hard-earned money as they can before they step onto their planes.

You might not be aware of it, but pretty much everything inside the departure lounge is geared towards making people fork out at the shops, bars and restaurants, instead of just sitting and waiting.

Included in that is the number of seats available for waiting passengers to sit on.

Airports will usually have fewer seats than they need for their peak travel times, meaning some people have no choice but to stand up and wait, or go for a wander.

Earlier this year, the Telegraph explained: "Some airports shunt passengers towards the shops by having slightly fewer seats than are needed at peak times, meaning people decide to browse rather than standing around by the gate."

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Reduced seating isn't the only tactic used either, with the layout of chairs also designed to get people shopping.

Passengers' preference to be anti-social rather than sit next to strangers works against them.

The Telegraph continued: "The standard rows of seating might seem rather unforgiving, there’s a reason for the layout.

"At Heathrow Terminal 3, a trial found that “hub” seating meant that people simply avoided each other – preferring to stand rather than share an area. And what does standing lead to? You’ve got it: shopping."

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However. if you know where to look, there are plenty of freebies that can be found at airports, meaning passengers don't need to spend money.

Included in that is water, with almost all airports now containing a water bottle filling station.

Wi-Fi is also among the things that people don't usually have to pay for at airports, meaning passengers can browse the internet instead of the shops and bars.

However, some people have warned about connecting to the wrong networks at airports and how it can be dangerous.

Elsewhere in the airport, most terminals now have soft play areas providing a free and simple way to entertain children, and hope they tire themselves out, before they get on the plane.

Magazines and newspapers can also be found on racks once you're through to the departure lounge, so you have something to read while you're waiting to board.

Meanwhile, this passenger revealed how to get free food and drink at airports.

And this is how you can avoid paying extra luggage fees when flying with hand luggage.

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