The Biggest Revelations From The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Reunion — Including A Proposal

Roughly a month after rapturing the internet, Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle cast reunited for a special episode to catch everyone up on what they’re doing now. The show was filmed over a year ago, and a lot has changed for the contestants since then. One couple has gotten super serious, another has split, and a new, unexpected romance has even started to blossom — although the reunion didn’t offer any updates about the latter.

Bryce revealed to Entertainment Tonight in late April that he and fellow contestant Nicole had forged a connection, but host Desiree Burch didn’t ask about it (perhaps the reunion was filmed before Bryce broke the news?).

"Nicole and I have kind of been talking. She visited Los Angeles and we had a little bit of a thing," he told ET. "We have a great relationship, Nicole and I. She was planning on coming out [again] but with this quarantine, we’re long distance technically." The two aren’t official yet, but Bryce said he could maybe see that happening one day.

As for what updates the reunion did give us, here’s what we learned.

Harry Proposed To Francesca

Harry and Francesca previously explained to Bustle that though they took a break for a few months after the show, they’re now back together and were even talking about getting engaged, which they followed through on during the reunion.

"You’ve absolutely changed my life. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Do you want to do this thing? Do you want to get married?" Harry asked while holding up a ring pop. Francesca said yes, and is still planning on moving to LA with Harry after the coronavirus quarantine dies down. Perhaps by then he’ll have a real engagement ring. (But maybe practice the next proposal, Harry. "Do you want to do this thing?" isn’t the best line.)

Harry & Francesca Got Matching Tattoos

Nothing says forever quite like permanent tattoos. Harry and Francesca each got a matching lightning bolt on their finger. "There’s just so many sparks between us," Harry explained.

Sharron & Rhonda Aren’t Together Anymore

Sharron and Rhonda have been trying to "make things work" since filming ended, but they haven’t been able to see each other. Though they still keep in touch, they’re decidedly not together…for now.

During the reunion, Rhonda got really emotional talking to Sharron, and he said at one point, "Baby, the spark’s still there." So maybe there’s a chance they can still work it out.

Kelz Is Single, But May Have A Celebrity Interested In Him

"Accountant" Kelz is riding out isolation by himself, but Emily Ratajkowski is apparently interested in him (at least according to Burch). Kelz joked that he can’t talk about their relationship while it’s so new, but it looked like he was doing the math (get it?) to see how much longer it would be before he could shoot his shot with her. Unfortunately for Kelz, Burch left out the fact that Ratajkowski is married.

Haley & Francesca Are Still Friends

Haley hated everyone on the show except for Francesca, and the two are still close today. Haley also explained that she wasn’t a huge fan of the show’s premise because she wasn’t ready to take life that seriously yet. Maybe she will be by Season 2?

Bryce Wrote A Song

Unlike Haley, Bryce learned a lot from the retreat. He told Burch that it helped him to stop seeking so much outside validation and be more comfortable in his own skin. Now he’s hunkering down on his houseboat, where he penned a tune about his time on the show. Here are the lyrics:

"This can’t go on any longer, feeling like I do / thought that I was getting stronger, it’s just something about you / but when you leave, you take a piece of my heart / I need to realize things and unplug and restart / this retreat’s made a man out of me, I’m now somebody that I’m happy to be / so I’m taking a message to the center of my heart that I don’t need your body just as sunlight to grow."


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