The cleaning hack that removes dirt and fake tan from wedding dresses

The two-ingredient home cleaning hack that removes dirt, fake tan and makeup from white clothes – after it left a bride’s filthy wedding dress sparkling

  • A woman has shared her home cleaning hack to restore her wedding dress  
  • The Australian woman revealed she used Napisan Oxi Action and Sard Soap 
  • To achieve the result she soaked the dress three times for 11 hours in a bathtub    

An Australian woman has revealed how she cleaned her wedding dress at home and restored it to its original condition.

Writing on Facebook, the woman cleaned the gown three times in her bathtub and used Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White stain remover and Sard Wonder Soap. 

She first received the recommendation online after asking the Facebook group Mums Who Clean how she should clean the dress without going to the dry cleaners.

‘So any of you ladies who commented on my previous post about cleaning my wedding dress I finally got the courage to do it today! I soaked it three times in White Vanish and Sard Wonder Soap!’ the woman wrote online.

An Australian woman has revealed how she cleaned her wedding dress at home to restore it to its original condition (dress pictured after)

The handy cleaning hack worked well to remove all dirt stains from the bottom of the dress as well as fake tan and make-up stains.

To achieve the pristine white result, the woman washed the gown in hot water and left it to soak for 11 hours.

‘I changed out the water once it went cold – [it] was around three hours or so each time,’ she explained. 

She then hung up the gown and left it to dry naturally but without exposing it to sunlight. 

The hack impressed other women online and inspired them to try the hack with their own wedding gowns and dresses.

‘Well done, such a beautiful dress,’ one woman wrote, another added: ‘You’ve encouraged me to do mine now!’

‘That’s a fantastic result. Looking at the before , looks like you had the best fun night,’ a third said.

‘Those before pictures look like you had so much fun in that dress! That’s how everyone’s dress should look after their best day ever,’ another woman commented. 

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