The Highest Grossing Katie Holmes Movies, Ranked

Katie Holmes was born in Toledo, Ohio, to a philanthropist mother and an attorney father. She attended modeling school as a teenager and eventually went to LA at 17 to start an acting career. Holmes made her big-screen debut in the 1997 Ang-lee-directed movie The Ice Storm and starred in her first lead role in 1999’s Teaching Mrs. Tingle. She shot to fame after playing the role of Joey Potter on the famed TV show Dawson’s Creek.

Katie Holmes has starred in multiple movies over a career spanning over two decades which include big-budget action films as well as Indie films. Below is a list showing the 8 Highest Grossing movies of Katie Holmes’ career.

7 The Gift – $44.6 million

Released in 2000, The Gift is a supernatural thriller directed by Spider-Man fame Sam Raimi. The film boasts an incredible star cast of A-listers, including Cate Blanchett, Keanu Reeves, and Katie Holmes playing the character of Jessica King. The film is based on the real-life psychic experiences of the movie’s writer, Billy Bob Thornton’s mother. The movie opened to mostly favorable reviews from the critics and turned out to be a box-office success grossing $44.6 Million worldwide on a $10 Million budget.

6 Logan Lucky – $48.5 Million

Logan Lucky is a heist movie released in 2017 that marks the return of the director Steven Soderbergh from retirement. The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Hilary Swank, along with Katie Holmes as the wife of the leading character Jimmy Logan played by Tatum. The movie follows the story of the Logan family and their attempt to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The film opened to positive reviews from critics and audiences alike and grossed $49.5 Million worldwide on a $29 Million, thus becoming a moderate box office success.

5 Woman In Gold – $61.6 million

Based on the life of Jewish Refugee Maria Altmann, Woman In Gold is a biographical movie released in 2015 and directed by Simon Curtis. The film stars Katie Holmes as Pam Schoenberg alongside a stellar ensemble of Hellen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl, etc. the movie was first screened at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival and was followed by a theatrical release. The movie opened to mixed reviews from critics, with particular praise for Mirren’s performance. Nevertheless, Woman In Gold was a major commercial success grossing $61.6 Million, mounted on a modest budget of $11 Million.

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4 The Giver – $67 million

Boasting a star-studded cast including Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Alexander Skarsgård, etc., The Giver is a 2014 Dystopian drama film directed by industry veteran Phillip Noyce. The movie stars Katie Holmes in the pivotal role of the mother of one of the lead characters. The Giver received mixed reviews from critics, yet it was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie. The movie was made on a budget of $25 Million and went on to gross $67 Million at the worldwide box office.

3 Phone Booth – $97.8 million

Phone Booth is a psychological thriller movie released in 2003. The film boasts an excellent star cast like Colin Farrell, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, Radha Mitchell, and Kiefer Sutherland. Katie Holmes plays Pamela McFadden, the love interest of the lead character Stu Shepherd played by Farrell. The movie premiered at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival, followed by a theatrical release in 2003. The movie received positive reviews from critics. It turned out to be a commercial hit, grossing an impressive $97.8 Million mounted on a modest budget of $13 Million, as per Box Office Mojo.

2 Jack And Jill – $149 million

Probably the worst-rated movie of Katie Holmes’s career, Jack And Jill is a 2011 comedy film starring Adam Driver and Katie Holmes in the lead roles of Jack and Erin, respectively. Despite boasting a stellar star cast, including the legendary Al-Pacino, the movie was panned by critics and audiences and was even tagged as one of the worst movies ever made. The movie was nominated for a record 12 Golden Raspberry Awards and received a 3% Fresh rating on the Tomatometer as per Rotten Tomatoes. Despite being the worst film of Holmes’ career, the movie was a major commercial success grossing $149 million worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing movie of her career.

1 Batman Begins – $373.7 Million

Probably the most iconic movie in Katie Holmes’ filmography, Batman Begins is a superhero action movie released in 2005 and directed by the maestro Christopher Nolan. The film is based on the DC comics character Batman and stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader, along with Katie Holmes playing Rachel Dawes, an attorney, as well as the love interest of The Batman. The movie received rave reviews from the critics and revived the Batman movie franchise and was later followed by two more films. The movie boasted a legendary star cast, including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, etc. Holmes received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress due to her excellent portrayal of Rachel Dawes. The movie was a significant box office success grossing $373.7 Million worldwide, which included an impressive domestic haul of $206 Million, as reported by IMDB.

Over her long and celebrated career, Katie Holmes has starred chiefly in critically acclaimed movies, with most of her films being commercial successes. She has been in the industry for more than two decades, and all her movies have a cumulative gross of a whopping $1.1 Billion, as reported by The Numbers. Batman Begins, with a worldwide gross of $373.7 Million, is the highest-grossing movie of Holmes’ career.

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