The Sephora In Kohl’s Product Lineup Is Here, With Drunk Elephant, Fenty Beauty, & More

Sephora has all the major beauty brands people love, but it’s not always the easiest place to get to. There’s nothing more irking than adding another stop to your errand days, especially if it includes running into a mall. That’s why it’s phenomenal that Sephora’s bringing more than 125 beauty brands to Kohl’s stores across the United States. Stocked with Sephora classics like Fenty Beauty and KVD as well as cult favorites like Drunk Elephant and Milk Makeup, these mini stores will have all the hair care, fragrance, skin care, and makeup products you could ever need.

“The vast and diverse range of beauty brands coming to Sephora at Kohl’s demonstrates how we, together with Sephora, are making prestige beauty far more accessible to millions of consumers across the country,” said Doug Howe, Kohl’s chief merchandising officer. “Our curated assortment features some of the most relevant and exciting brands in the industry today.”

As the partnership will feature 75% of brands that are exclusively available at Sephora at Kohl’s and U.S. Sephora stores, you’ll feel perfectly at home in these mini stores. In case you don’t believe me, you can check out some of the vast array of beauty brands coming to Kohl’s here. The companies also plan on having a rotating assortment of new and trending products, so you can always be on the cutting edge.

The way the collaboration will work is that 2,500 square feet of Kohl’s stores will be turned into a mini Sephora experience. And, the best part is that Sephora-trained beauty advisors will be there to consult and help you whenever you need it. Since the incredibly wise employees are half of the reason I go to Sephora, this truly is great news. There’ll even be testing and discovery areas, so you can fall in love with a new product every time you shop. You’ll even still be able to use your Beauty Insider rewards. It’s all the joys of shopping at the Sephora you love without the millions of aisles and dash of confusion the big stores can have.

The roll out will start with 200 Kohl’s stores in August 2021, and their plan is to expand to at least 850 stores by 2023. Mini stores are swiftly becoming the future of beauty shopping. Alongside Sephora and Kohl’s new partnership, Ulta Beauty is also bringing small shopping centers to Targets later in 2021. The only question left is which one will get the coveted Home Depot mini store spot.

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