The Solar Eclipse in Gemini Will Reveal Surprising Secrets—Be Prepared!

One eclipse down, one more to go. On May 26, we experienced our first eclipse of the spring 2021 eclipse season in the sign of Sagittarius. That lunar eclipse encouraged a humbling of self, allowing us to shed the need to know it all. Now, we are bracing ourselves for a solar eclipse occurring in the sign of Gemini on June 10, at 6:52 A.M. Eastern Time.

Solar eclipses always occur on New Moons, when the Moon and the Sun align and—in astrologer-speak—both conjunct and oppose the Nodes (aka the points in the sky where the Moon and Sun cross paths). In the case of this particular solar eclipse, the Moon and the Sun will be conjunct (aka in the same sign as) both the North Node and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, and opposite the South Node in Gemini. Gemini is notable for its curious nature, fun-loving energy, and intellectual persona. With Mercury Retrograde in the mix, a major lesson of this eclipse is to reflect on the words that have already been spoken.

Sometimes, Gemini energy can leave us wanting to ask more questions, even when the answers may already be known. When eclipses occur, it’s important not to force conclusions and instead allow the universe to reveal what it has in store with you. All you need to do is sit back and be open to receiving the metaphorical airdrops.

Read your eclipse horoscope for your Sun/Rising sign:


Hey babe, it’s time to think about how you express yourself to others. Yes, you’re all about living your truth in the moment and being bold, but have you considered that you’re the only person who fully understands what you’re thinking? The solar eclipse + Mercury Retrograde = the perfect time to reflect on your previous encounters and make sure your creative projects were really understood.


Don’t get caught up with what you had and lost. If something is meant to be yours, then it will be. Mercury Retrograde has a way of bringing information and people back to us, and if you don’t hear back by the end of the month it’s probably best to let go. During this eclipse season, be smart about your investments: What you put your money towards now will circle back to you later.


Your mission for this year has been to work on yourself so that can own your authentic truth. This solar eclipse is giving you reminders of your personal growth and development over the past year. Babe, you’re literally surviving a plague! If you haven’t stopped to appreciate your ability to keep your head up, this solar eclipse will be sure to provide you with a reminder.


This solar eclipse is all about sacrifice and learning to let go. You’re someone who values sensitivity and compassion, so it can be difficult to let go of ideas or people that are meaningful to you. Allow conversations and thoughts to flow in and out of your mind. The days following the eclipse are great times for meditation.


Your network is about to grow—congratulations, babe! The New Moon/solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini is giving you plenty of reasons to reach out and have conversations with others. Don’t be surprised if the topics you discuss during this time turn into significant projects later down the time. The solar eclipse will be a wonderful source of inspiration!


There are changes being made to the way you are perceived by others. Don’t let the haters get you down; this is a great time to let negative judgements motivate you. You may find that you have to sacrifice to attain your desires. Stepping backward will lead to leaping forward.


There are many karmic lessons swirling around you. Don’t ignore the valuable teachings that are being brought to your attention. If you feel at a loss or confused about the direction you want to move in, don’t be scared to study up! Even reviewing what you already know can make a difference.


The combined affects of the solar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde are bringing money your way! Don’t be scared to follow up on past expenses; it’s possible that you were accidentally overcharged for items or services. Don’t be scared to channel your inner Rihanna: BBHMM!

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You’ve been called to develop new relationships and reflect on your current bonds. You do realize that the people closest to you have your back, right? If you’re worried about being a burden, don’t be! The people who you can be close to will reveal themselves.


The solar eclipse will make you aware of your health! If you’re feeling particularly fatigued or tired, pay attention to the root of your exhaustion. You’re known to be a busy bee and it’s important that you pay attention to your body. Daily mindfulness exercises will help you get in tune with this eclipse.


Surrounding yourself around artistic types and theatrical settings will only be to your benefit. This solar eclipse will bring you back to old creative projects. Go outside, have conversations, and be willing to let people in on your ideas. You’ll find you have allies and advocates in your corner.


In the midst of balancing fun ideas and self-care, you will find that your focus turns to your home life. Don’t worry, babe, this transit is allowing new energy to rush into your habitat. Be open to letting people in and letting your inner child out. The solar eclipse is giving you plenty of reasons to have fun!

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