The Special Detail You May Have Missed in Queen Elizabeth's Coronavirus Speech

It’s not often that Queen Elizabeth takes the opportunity to communicate with the public on air, but there’s one thing that unites all the occasions she has: Jewelry.

OK, yes, Queen E doesn’t exactly scrimp on the bling when she isn’t speaking to her nation. She’s essentially always wearing a pearl necklace (ripe for the clutching!), but as People points out, it appears that one particular necklace has mades its way into every televised address she’s given in the past three decades (excluding her Christmas speeches).

In the speech she gave during the Gulf War in 1991, the speech she gave following Princess Diana’s death in 1997, the speech she gave following the Queen Mother’s death in 2002, her Diamond Jubilee address in 2012, and her Coronavirus address over the weekend, the Queen appeared to be wearing the same three-strand pearl necklace she commissioned in 1952.

Queen Pearls Speech - 1997 Princess Diana Death
Queen Pearls Speech - 2002 Queen Mother Death
Queen Pearls Speech - 2012 Jubilee
Queen Pearls Speech - Coronavirus

The longtime monarch also accessorized with a turquoise and diamond broach (it was passed down from her grandmother Queen Mary) and a pair of pearl stud earrings for the occasion. This uniform of sorts has also stood the test of time throughout her history of televised speeches.

Can’t help but stan a consistent (literal) Queen.

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