These COVID-safe date spots will make you love NYC’s outdoor dining again

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In an effort to adapt to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, as well as the city’s rules regarding indoor dining, restaurants have faced more than a few challenges. Among them: a confusing mandate from Albany banning customers from using the restroom (it was quickly overturned) and an unwelcome snowfall.

But despite the hiccups, certain NYC restaurants have managed to find the fun — and yes, even a little romance — in outdoor dining.

Temperature-controlled tents, bubbles with blankets on each chair, Plexiglas dividers, contactless menus and space heaters galore are being set up across the city to keep diners coming, despite frigid temperatures.

And New Yorkers are eager to get out of their apartments and treat themselves to a sit-down meal. “It’s nice to do activities besides watching Netflix and cooking at home,” said Jake Meklinsky, 25, a consultant who treated his girlfriend to a date at Midtown’s Quality Bistro. He raved, “We were able to take our coats off.”

Here are six delightful outdoor dining spots for your next date — all with charming, COVID-safe setups and fun things to do nearby.

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