This $7 Dog Toy Is Designed for Heavy Chewers — and It Has a Secret Benefit

In a dream world, every pet would easily be kept busy for hours and pet owners would feel zero guilt. However, we all know that that's not the case, and some pets, especially dogs, struggle with staying entertained, which can lead to restlessness and chewed-up stuff. A good chew toy will help, and at only $7, the Arm and Hammer Nubbies Dental Chew Toy is a favorite among Amazon shoppers.

Heavy chewing can easily stress out any dog owner, but this soft rubber toy helps alleviate those tendencies. Shoppers say it's perfect for both puppies and adult dogs, even if they're past the teething phase. It's shaped similarly to a T-bone and will keep dogs chewing for hours on end.

Buy It! Arm and Hammer Nubbies Dental Chew Toy, $6.49;

If you're wondering how safe it is for your dog to be chewing something all day long, the brand promises that the nylon toy with thermal plastic rubber nubs is 100 percent safe for extended use. Even better, it has the power to clean their teeth — it is from Arm & Hammer, after all, so the toy is infused with dentist-approved baking soda. Its grooves and nubs help remove plaque and tartar, too. Plus, it's peanut butter-flavored, which most dogs absolutely love. 

"I ordered this toy a few months ago, and it's by far my pup's favorite toy. He has a whole box full of toys, but this seems to be his favorite choice," one customer shared. 

"Finally a toy for an aggressive chewer that lasts longer than 10 minutes," said another. "I originally thought it might not live up to its description. WOW!! It sure did."

Dogs love it, and so do their owners. You can get Arm & Hammer's pet-approved dog chew toy for your furry friend on Amazon today.

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