This £8,000 'ultimate' WFH office desk has built-in tablet and a hot water tap

Making the switch to working from home has been makeshift at times.

You might not have a fancy office chair, or the same kind of coffee machine, maybe you’re working on a tiny laptop rather than a couple of big screens.

But this high-tech office desk could be a game changer. It’s not cheap, but the £8,000 desk is kitted out with everything you need to take working from home to the next level.

The designers have literally thought of everything.

The desk features an instant hot water tap, which means you don’t need to get up to get your tea or coffee fix. There is also a long strip Vitamin D sun lamp along the desk, which is said to help improve your mood and increase overall happiness. 

For the workaholics, the desk includes a wellness alarm clock, which has pre-set reminders to ensure you take breaks, stand up and walk around. 

For the tech-lovers, this desk has a built-in tablet, ideal for note-taking or illustrative design work. There are also built-in speakers to allow you to pop on your favourite playlist while you work, or connect to your team calls meetings. 

Do you find your feet aching or getting cold while you work? You’re not going to need those novelty slippers anymore. Liberty Games has incorporated a heated foot massager, which sits underneath the desk, perfect for chilly homes.

They’ve thought of the social side too. There’s a pull-out ping-pong table built in to the desk – simply slide out the table, and start playing with your partner, flatmate or family member.

Does your workplace have regular virtual drinks? This desk also has a built-in fridge where you can chill your beer or wine ready for post-work drinks. You can keep snacks or milk in there too.

Finally, a stand-up function has been added, with an extendable arm attached to the monitors, allowing you to adjust the height of the screens. 

At a cost of £7,995, this is a serious investment. But maybe take comfort in the fact that there is free delivery?

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