This Butter Knife Warms Up While Its Being Used to Make Spreading Easier

Butter is like bacon in that it makes everything better. So many different dishes call for butter, but there’s something so simple and so beautiful about…a plain piece of toasted bread with butter on top. Though it’s easy enough to make already, some geniuses created a butter knife that heats up to make spreading your topping even easier and I’m already obsessed.

The knife, appropriately called the SpreadTHAT!, is a serrated butter knife that is meant to be held in the palm of your hand. A gadget on the end of the tool takes the heat from your palm and transfers it to the knife which helps to spread and carve the butter from the tub or stick you’re using. All of the heat used is coming from your hand, so the knife is still totally dishwasher safe and doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Of course butter is the most obvious use of the knife, but promotional photos from Amazon show it being used on other spreads like peanut butter and Nutella. A tool like this would be a great addition to any kitchen but with holidays like Thanksgiving coming up (where bread buns are an integral part to the meal, of course), the SpreadTHAT! would work wonders at the dinner table.

It’s $20 on Amazon right now and available through Prime so you can have it at your door in two days flat. If you’re intrigued by the whole technology behind it, you should know there’s also an ice cream scoop that uses the same heating process to make serving even easier. Science, man!

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