This genius thermometer lets you check temperatures at a safe distance

The Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer (now $79.99) is an affordable device that enables users to get a near-instantaneous temperature reading on their children, roommates, parents, friends, and loved ones in as little as one second — all without ever needing to make direct contact with them. Simply point in the direction of the person you want to check on, and in as little one second, you’ll get an accurate degree displayed on the device’s HD LCD display.

The device also houses a variety of other smart and convenient features including one-click measurement, simple operation, and an automatic power-saving shutdown which will turn the gadget off after 15 seconds of inactivity. Plus, an additional Object Mode allows you to measure the temperature of objects around your home, too.

For new parents or those with small children, it allows you to take an accurate read of your child’s temperature without having to deal with a fussy child. Or if you are a caretaker who wants to get a temperature at lightning-quick speeds, it delivers on that front, too. And if you want to understand how hot (or cold) your meals are, it can even detect temperatures on objects such as liquids and foods.

While normally priced at $149.99, right now the Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer with 1-Sec Temperature Read is on sale for 46% off, making its final price tag just $79.99.

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