This Guy Tried 8 Popular Hangover ‘Cures’ to See What Works Best

No one — and I do mean no one — enjoys having a hangover, but if you’re indulged a bit too much over a weekend, is there a way to shorten the mind-numbingly awful experience? YouTuber Will Tennyson wanted to find out. He tested eight hangover cures recommended by his followers to discover which one worked best, and there were some winners and losers according to the YouTuber.

In the video, Tennyson explains that he had just a bit too much to drink the night before and needs his viewers’ help figuring out the best way to kick a hangover. They had more than a few answers. Most had to do with eating or drinking certain things or doing certain types of workouts. People suggested staple food cures like greasy food from Taco Bell and McDonald’s breakfast all the way to pho noodle soup. Then, there were the drink-based cures. From banana and salt smoothies designed to create an electrolyte combo to help dehydration to the old standbys Pedialyte and Gatorade, viewers were fans of ingesting cures.

Then, there were the workouts. Tennyson only tried two cures that required him to do a workout. The first was a sweaty outdoor run, and it wasn’t exactly the winner of the day. The second was a combination cure that melded Taco Bell, Gatorade, and lifting weights. Surprisingly, it didn’t go that badly.

But if you want to see all eight of the hangover cures Tennyson tries and his reactions, you can check out his full video above.

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