Tina Fey’s stylist Cristina Ehrlich on prepping for Golden Globes 2021

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With Sunday’s 2021 Golden Globes just around the corner, celebrity stylists are getting ready for a whole new round of virtual red carpets.

And for Cristina Ehrlich, who’s dressing longtime client Tina Fey for her Globes hosting gig alongside Amy Poehler, the pressure is on.

“Styling this year brings about a whole new set of constraints. Now, working in a more digital ‘waist-up’ world, we’ve learned to really lean into accessories, since that’s what the viewer’s eye will be drawn to,” Ehrlich — whose other clients include Rachel Brosnahan, Mandy Moore, Laura Dern and Julia Louis-Dreyfus — told Page Six Style.

“I find having a monochromatic look, a clean canvas so to speak, allows us to play up that perfect lip color or statement earring to stand out on a client.”


Ehrlich, who’s worked with Fey for 11 years, described her style as “quirky, smart, eclectic and cool,” saying, “This year, for her look, we’re favoring accessories that offer glam plus comfort, a reflection of our life-from-home fashion outlook.”

But eye-catching extras are just one piece of the puzzle; the star stylist said she’s taking multiple factors into account while finalizing the “30 Rock” creator’s Globes wardrobe, including Poehler’s attire.

“We’re considering how many looks will be needed, what the co-host will be wearing, the backdrop of the venue, the overall color scheme of the ceremony, etc, and then looking at our options from there,” Ehrlich explained.

“Last but not least, we always have to think about the shoe. Which, in this case … may not be seen by the viewer, in this hybrid virtual and in-person ceremony. But it’s an important detail, nonetheless!”

And when it comes to dressing for pandemic-era grocery runs or work Zooms for us non-famous folks, Ehrlich is still a believer in bold statements.

She noted that modern eyewear is an excellent way to amp up an everyday look; she works with Silhouette, and favors its champagne-and-gold “Sun-Lite” sunglasses for jazzing up a standard T-shirt and jeans outfit. But ultimately, any piece that reflects the wearer’s individual aesthetic will do.

“This past year was a reminder to us all that staying true to your own personal style is incredibly important, and I’m inspired by that pursuit,” she said. “I’m looking forward to continuing to see individual stories told through fashion and new, personal takes on style this awards season.”

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