Tiny teapot found during a lockdown clear out sells for £390K

If you’ve been putting off clearing out your garage, here’s a little nugget of inspiration for you: a tiny teapot found during a lockdown spring clean has just sold for £390,000.

A man unearthed the little floral vessel during a clear-out and planned to take it to his local charity shop. On a whim, however, he decided to see if it was worth anything and showed it to an auction expert.

The expert revealed that the Chinese-enamelled wine ewer was actually a really rare antique that dated back to the 18th century – and could sell for £100,000 at auction.

So trying his luck, the bloke took his pot to auction and, incredibly, the pot sold for a whopping £390,000.

The ornate pot had been in the seller’s family since he was a kid and had first been stored in an attic and then a garage in Derbyshire.

The family believes that it was brought back to the UK by their grandfather who was stationed in Asia during WW2 and was awarded the Burma Star (a medal awarded to British and Commonwealth soldiers who served during the Burma Campaign).

Auctioneer Charles Hanson said: ‘It has to be the best lockdown find ever. Ewers and teapots of this type were fashionable at court during the period of Emperor Qianlong.

‘He was fascinated by European enamel and the new method of enamel painting and the style was replicated in his imperial workshops.

‘During Emperor Qianlong’s reign, this art form reached heady heights of perfection, with designs reflecting the emperor’s extravagant taste.’

The seller – whose identity is being kept anonymous – said that the sale is set to ‘change a few things for us. It’s come at a really good time’.

‘I got a few cans of Guinness in beforehand. We’ll be going for a drink tonight and toasting grandad.’

*Immediately starts digging through piles of rubbish in the attic*

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