Tokyo Olympics 50p coins sell for fortune on eBay with value expected to rise

The Tokyo Olympics coins have been selling for up to £100 on eBay.

Other coins that went into circulation are flogging for £20 to £40 on the online auction site.

The Royal Mint released the 2020 coins at the start of last year but only with the Annual Coin Set.

After the Olympics Games were postponed due to coronavirus, the coins weren't individually released into circulation.

Currently you can buy the 2020 Annual Coin set, which includes the 50p coin from the Royal Mint for £55.

But some collectors have removed these from sets to sell on the secondary market for well above face value.

If you sell the coin for £30 to £40, it won't cover the full set while experts claim the other coins are almost worthless.

The Royal Mint is yet to confirm whether it is releasing 2021 versions of the Tokyo Olympics 50ps coins individually.

But if this does happen, it could have a major impact on the value of the 2020 50p coins.

A ChangeChecker spokesperson said: "As we draw closer to the Olympic Games, and with the individual release of the coin due to take place later this year, we could very well see demand for the coin increase.

"Of course, this will then mean there are two versions of the coin – one with the obverse dated 2020 and the other with the obverse dated 2021!"

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According to the coin experts, if the reverse design remains unchanged, but a new 2021 dated obverse is used, this will make the Team GB 50p one of only five UK decimal coins to feature the two dates.

The spokesperson added: "With such an exciting story as this behind the coin, and with the thrill of the upcoming Olympic Games, this is could possibly be one of the most anticipated coins in recent years."

But Colin Bellamy, from Coin Hunter, believes dealers are concerned the 2020 coin could decrease in value if the same design is used and only the dates are amended to 2021.

But if the Royal Mint doesn't release the 2021 version, the 2020 50p coins could go up in value.

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He said: "You won't get good value for this coin if the new one is available and released individually in huge quantities.

"I know a lot of dealers are sat on these coins and might end up having too much supply for demand.

"At some point, they will sell out of the 2020 pack and that's when the pricing comes into it because once it is no longer available from the Royal Mint, your only options are the second market.

"Here, prices will go up a bit because all demand has to go through that channel."

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