Tom Cruise slammed for using ‘less safe PPE mask’ after explosive Covid rant

Although Hollywood actor Tom Cruise seemed to be taking the rules incredibly seriously, it would appear he could have posed a health and safety risk to his crew and cast members as he wasn't wearing an approved PPE mask.

The 58-year-old found himself in the line of fire after it was claimed that the valve face covering he had worn came with a safety warning stating that it offered little to no protection against Covid-19.

Recently, the Mission: Impossible actor caused quite a stir as an audio recording emerged showing the film star in a fit of volcanic rage after he had spotted two members of crew not standing two metres apart on-set.

In his explosive rant he told the culprits they would be fired if they attempted to break the rules again and warned others that their fate would be the same.

Tom may now want to have a word with himself after it appears he has not been fully compliant either.

The A-lister's "protective" mask that he sported on the set of Mission: Impossible actually offered no protection against the spread of the coronavirus, according to America's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

TMZ reported: "The mask Tom's wearing in almost all the pics from various Mission: Impossible 7 sets is not recommended by the CDC … and the agency actually warned against wearing any mask with valves like the one [Tom's] rocking."

The publication seemingly went to extreme lengths to identify Tom's mask and have reported that the vender is a company called Jupiter gear.

If the face covering is the same, then the movie star should have known the implications as it is claimed it comes with a stern warning that droplets can escape quickly.

TMZ wrote: "The manufacturer says the mask is meant to mostly be worn during physical activity, with the valves designed to 'release hot, humid exhaled breath quickly.'

"In other words, there's still a good chance respiratory droplets are escaping … and that's dangerous with this airborne coronavirus."

The CDC also states: "This type of mask may not prevent you from spreading Covid-19 to others.

"The hole in the material may allow your respiratory droplets to escape and reach others."

Recently, an audio recording heard Tom unleashing a number of expletives in a very fiery rage as two members of the MI:7 crew were alleged to have not maintained the two metre distancing rule on set.

According to the Sun, he yelled: "I don’t ever want to see it again, ever! And if you don't do it you're fired, if I see you do it again you're f***ing gone.

"And if anyone in this crew does it – that's it, and you too and you too. And you, don't you ever f***ing do it again."

It seems like Mr Cruise is not someone to be crossed.

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