Tom Hardy’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ will soothe your coronavirus angst

Bane is putting the coronavirus boredom to bed.

With the UK projected to be under quarantine until early May, actor Tom Hardy is helping to keep the isolated masses — or, more importantly, their kids — entertained, by reading “Bedtime Stories” on British network CBeebies yet again. The “Peaky Blinders” star made a splash there in 2016, where his nocturnal narrations racked up 1 million views on the streaming service, BBC iPlayer, reports CNN.

“You asked. He stepped up! Tom Hardy’s back,” tweeted CBeebies Grown-Ups Wednesday about the star’s triumphant return.

In his second “Bedtime Stories” appearance, the “Revenant” actor will read a new tale every day from Monday, April 27, through Friday, May 1. This year’s lit-tinerary includes “Hug Me” by Simona Ciraolo; “Under the Same Sky” by Robert Vescio and Nicky Johnston; “There’s A Tiger in the Garden” by Lizzy Stewart; “Don’t Worry, Little Crab” by Chris Haughton; “The Problem With Problems” by Rachel Rooney and Zehra Hicks, with an additional story that has yet to be confirmed, reports CNN.

Social-media bookworms have gone gaga over the raconteur’s return.

“Every night? *Swoons*” tweeted one “Bedtime Stories” aficionado.

I’ll be there, I’ll invite the kids too,” said another of Hardy’s second coming, which was filmed in the star’s courtyard, sometimes with his French bulldog, Blue. 

And it’s not just parents who are chomping at the lit. One elderly fan tweeted, “Something to look forward to. Are 61 year old Nanna’s allowed to watch CBeebies on their own?”

Cheryl Taylor, head of content of BBC Children’s seconded their sentiment in a statement: “It goes without saying how thrilled we are to have Tom reading more stories for us.”

Here’s hoping Tom’s return to “Bedtime Stories” will provide some much-needed relief for parents, who have resorted to everything from poop pranks to “Frozen” song parodies to stay sane while quarantined with their kids.

Audiences can tune in to “Bedtime Stories” every day at 1:50 p.m. EST, while online fans can enjoy them on the iPlayer streaming service.

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