Top 10 black-owned businesses to look out for on Black Pound Day

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Black Pound Day happens on the first Saturday of every month in a bid to encourage spending in Black-owned businesses and grow the Black economy and Black communities – so we enlisted the help of Afro Leads (@afro_leads) to curate a list of places to support.

Afro Leads is an Instagram page where followers can find daily posts about UK Black business and culture.

Founded two years ago by sisters Stephanie Amor and Julie Duodu as a means to provide positive reflection and representation of Black British culture, the siblings have been inspiring people every single day.

Check them out to discover UK black-owned businesses, learn about inspiring people within the black community or take a trip down memory lane with their #throwbackthursdays.

With a podcast also launching in August to further push their message who better to suggest Black-owned businesses to support for August's Black Pound Day.

1. High Spirit Bags (@highspiritbags)

What do they do? They make stylish and theft proof backpacks with amazing designs.

Why do we like them? Not only are the bags theft proof, so we can have everything from gym kits to laptops – they are extremely stylish and we especially love the Kente design. Steph is always attracting attention whenever she wears hers! It's colourful, spacious and practical.

2. Urbanized Neckwear (@urbanizedneckwear)

What do they do? Designer SJ creates a range of contemporary handcrafted neckwear as a unique and edgy alternative to conventional neck attire.

Why do we like them? Not only does the neckwear make any outfit standout, the quality of work and varied styles are incredible. The brand also offers stylish facemasks, which are fantastic!

3. Muffin Sisters (@muffin_sisters)

Who are they? Two sisters that create comfortable and cozy blankets, towels, bibs and soft toys using striking African fabrics.

Why do we like them? The prints really standout, and the speed at which they turn around quality products is superb. We often gift new borns something from this brand!

4. Aaron Wallace (@byaaronwallace)

What do they do? Natural grooming products specifically formulated for Black men and also great for men of other ethnicities.

Why do we like them? The smell is amazing! Steph’s husband loves the texture of his beard after using a combination of the products, he definitely won’t go back to his previous ingredients routine. All the products are natural too which is great to know.

5. Happy Hair Company (@thehappyhairco)

What do they do? “Ethical, protective, curly hair care” via hair products, consultancy and accessories for curly, frizzy and afro hair.

Why do we like them? We love the entrepreneurship, the varied products and the mother and daughter duo (Sasha and Jaya both promote all products). They have added a link on their website of black owned hair products too, which is incredibly useful to those wanting to spend the #blackpound.

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6. Very Puzzled (@veryverypuzzled)

What do they do? Create a growing family of quality African jigsaw and Carribbean puzzles and countries posters reflecting.

Why do we like them? The maps are vibrant, full of landmarks to stimulate learning and give children “a healthy sense of themselves” and their culture – representation at its finest!

7. Nzingha Jewellery (@nzinghajewellery)

What do they do? Handmade pieces of jewellery.

Why do we like them? Because they make striking pieces of “wearable art” and have excellent customer service. They are speedy, responsive and professional.

8. Big Nanny (@bignannyshairproducts)

What do they do? Produce quality, natural multi-award winning hair oils which have been in development for over 60 years!

Why do we like them? It does wonders for your hair – our natural hair journeys would not have been the same without it. A firm staple in the cupboard for our entire family!

9. Tihara Smith (@tiharasmith)

What do they do? A designer whose Windrush-inspired collection adorns an electric mix of stunning raffia bags, stationery prints and more.

Why do we like them? They're a unique, vibrant and fun brand which oozes sunshine and sophistication. Their service is excellent and purchases come with handwritten personable notes – a lovely customer touch service.


10. Sika Design (@sikadesigns)

What do they do? They create unique collections designed in London and made in Ghana – each exquisite item is designed to both blend in and stand out!

Why do we like them?We love the ethos of a brand which prides itself on its social and environmental responsibilities – knowing that a purchase makes a meaningful difference is a plus. Additionally, Julie’s coat is “the bomb” and she feels like a million dollars in it!

*Afro Leads is not affiliated with any of the brands promoted in this article. Opinions are from their own experience of each brand. Copyright of all images to each featured company respectively.

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