Trevor Bauer-Kyle Lohse’s MLB labor feud take wild turn: ‘Sexist’

MLB players’ unhappiness with the latest salary proposal from the game’s owners, and how they have handled themselves in the process, are now pitting pitchers of different eras against each other — and it’s getting personal.

Vocal Reds righty Trevor Bauer and former Cardinals, Twins and Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse had a heated Twitter exchange on Thursday that included Bauer calling Lohse “sexist.”

Their spat was over the roles of Scott Boras and Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba, and the battle between MLB and the union over how much players will be paid if baseball return to games without fans in the stands. The players have been vocal on social media — mostly voicing their displeasure — over the owners’ proposal to put them on a sliding scale with more salary cuts after the two sides agreed to a prorated pay system in March.

Lohse, who last pitched in the majors for the Rangers in 2016, tweeted at Bauer a day after Bauer said on social media that Boras should: “Keep your damn personal agenda out of union business.” The 41-year-old Lohse believes the players are doing themselves a disservice by making their feelings public on social media.

“Who do you think has helped put a system in place where you can throw balls and never have to really work a day in your life while making unreal amounts of money?,” Lohse wrote. “Take your comments to the MLBPA if you have concerns, not twitter. Let the union do the talking. Best of luck”

Bauer, who seems to never shy away from a Twitter fight, fired back:

“Sorry for upsetting you Kyle but if I wanted Scott boras to represent my interests and the interests of my family and many employees etc, I would ask Scott boras to do that, I don’t want him to,” Bauer wrote. “I want the player group through the union to do so.”

Lohse, who got into a back-and-forth with Luba on Twitter, wanted to leave it there, tweeting he had more to say but was letting it go. Bauer continued by taking a shot at the 2011 World Series winner.

“Kyle, your time as a player has come and gone,” Bauer tweeted. “You’re no longer part of the player group negotiating. Everyone appreciates your time and your service, but you don’t speak on behalf of the players anymore. That time has come and gone for you. You’re not privy to everything that’s going on…that inherently means you’re out of touch…it’s not an insult.”

Lohse, who said he’s on the players’ side, didn’t let that go answered.

“Trevor, I’m just gonna chalk this one up to immaturity,” he wrote. “While your generation is talking mlb business while playing video games and complaining publicly how the union is doing, us out of touch ex players aren’t happy standing by, watching you wreck what was built.”

Bauer, who was 11-13 with a 4.48 ERA with the Indians and Reds in 2019, gave him an “Ok Boomer” in response before the two exchanged a few more barbs.

The war of words later picked up and got personal after Lohse brought into question Baur’s relationship with Luba, who became a certified agent in November and claimed Bauer as her first client. Luba, 27, is one of the youngest women ever certified as an agent by MLB.

“Trevor, isn’t the real reason you’re so against Scott having a say in negotiations, if true, is because you and your girlfriend/agent (real thing not an accusation) agenda?” Lohse wrote. “Conflict of interest much? Are you mad because she hasn’t had a say with all her “experiences” negotiating things like this? If you’re so sure of someone else’s agenda, why don’t you lay yours out there.”

This prompted an angry response from Bauer.

“Ok @KyleLohse26 2 things, You disrespected me first by judging me and making accusations. Second it’ extremely sexist to assume that @agentRachelLuba and I are dating,” Bauer tweeted. “Would you assume any other player is dating their agent or are you just doing it because of her gender?”

Lohse did let that go unchecked, asking Bauer to skate around the issues he raised.

“That’s what you’re gonna go with? Calling me sexist? Am I wrong?Answer the questions I pasted for you truthfully.” Loshe wrote. “Oh, I’m sorry, forgot you don’t really “date”.”

Luba also responded to Loshe’s comments.

“Imagine a world where a law degree, experiences as an MLBPA attorney, having worked at other mlb agencies, and successfully becoming a certified MLB Player Agent with a client in the majors isn’t enough to avoid comments like this (mind-blown emoji),” she tweeted. “so disappointing.”

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