Trippie Redd is "Left 4 Dead" on New Single

While A Love Letter To You 5‘s release date continues to get pushed, Trippie Redd is keeping his fans fed with a run of singles off the forthcoming album. After unveiling “Took My Breath Away” with Skye Morales back in June and “Last Days” two weeks ago, the rapper returns to his emo-rap roots in “Left 4 Dead”.

Clocking in at one minute and 58 seconds, the track is led by a guitar-infused trap beat. Similarly to he does “Took My Breath Away” and “Last Days”, the rapper leans into his lyrical vulnerability on “Left 4 Dead.”

“When sh*t hit the fan, you left me for dead / I miss the tricks she used to do in my bed / You switched so quick I couldn’t even comprehend / You showed me why I can’t be f*ckin’ ’round with love,” Redd delivers on the chorus.

Redd’s A Love Letter To You 5 has seen a slew of scheduling hiccups. The album was initially slated to drop on July 28. The release date then was moved to Friday, August 4, though the album still has yet to be released; Apple Music lists the updated release date as August 11. Instagram users are flooding the rapper’s comment sections, disappointed in another unexpected delay. Redd’s Take Me Away tour kicks off in Miami at the end of this month.

“Left 4 Dead” is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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