Trolls say my huge 36NN breasts will burst – but I want to go even bigger

A model who admits she's addicted to plastic surgery has revealed her plans to enlarge her 36NN breasts even more.

This is despite that fact that trolls insist her implants are going to “burst”.

Amber May is a self-proclaimed “bimbo” who has spent a staggering £70,000 on different surgical procedures – including five boob jobs.

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The 23-year-old model from Leicestershire is obsessed with looking like a Barbie doll.

So she's gone under the knife for other procedures including Brazilian butt lifts, two nose jobs, facial fillers and extensive dental work.

Amber, who funds her plastic surgery through her OnlyFans page, where she is in the top 0.04% of creators, claims her breasts now weigh a full stone – which is as heavy as two standard-sized bricks.

She intends to keep having surgery despite trolls constantly commenting on her posts saying her breasts have gone “too far” and are about to “pop”.

”Most of my fans and followers love my boobs,” Amber said.

”But I often get comments from trolls on my TikTok page saying I have gone too far or that my breasts will pop – but I just ignore them.

”Since I’ve gone bigger, I’m making more money.

”I like the look of my chest and my real fans also like seeing me go bigger."

She added: ”'Bimbofication' is an identity and it's a way of expressing myself.

“I love the fake look, everything pink and enhancing myself.”

Amber, who was originally a size 34B plans on enhancing her 36NN chest further later this year.

Although she is excited for the upcoming procedure, the 23-year-old admits that her breasts have gotten her into some tricky situations.

She added: “My boobs do restrict me with some things like working out and tying my shoe laces.

”I struggle finding clothes to fit.

”I even had to get a bigger car as well so I could fit inside it.”

The model is forking out £30,000 for her next big surgery, which she will travel to Belgium for.

However, Amber says that it has been difficult finding someone brave enough to make her breasts even larger.

She added: “It’s hard to find a surgeon that will do implants bigger than my current size – there’s only a few in the world who will.

“I can’t wait to see what they will look like!”

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