TV star saves £40,000 for home by working two jobs on three hours sleep a night

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A TV host managed to save up and get on the property ladder by working two jobs and living on just three hours sleep a night.

But, Carrie Herrington claims it was all worth it.

The super saver worked full time from 9-6pm in experiential marketing whilst also appearing on ITV’s Jackpot 247 up to three times a week for six years.

We’re exhausted just thinking about that…

By leading a “double life” Carrie managed to save £40,000 which her husband matched.

And, now they live in a stunning £500,000 house.

The couple knew the house needed renovations, but they’re pretty crafty with DIY and got stuck in on the day they moved in.

The couple transformed the house despite Carrie being heavily pregnant at the time – and they worked on the house until she gave birth.

Carrie, 37, claims she would do it all again and is proud of their hard work.

Speaking to the Mirror, Carrie said: "I saved a 40k deposit for our first home by working two jobs for six years.

“Whilst one was a normal 9-6 office job, the other was presenting live on ITV’s Jackpot 247 very late at night.

"It became the norm to go into my day job on three hours sleep although I’d try to grab 40 winks on the Tube on the way back into London.”

She continued: “I’d work in the day, go home, have dinner, sometimes still have work to do on my laptop and then I’d drive back to the other side of London to get dolled up for TV.

"Once done, I’d drive back home getting in at 4am and I’d be up again at 7. People couldn’t believe that’s what I had done.

"When we finally bought our home we then started a home renovation immediately.

"I was six and a half months pregnant and we both worked on the house right up until I gave birth.

"I would do it all over again, but now I have a baby so I can't."

On a typical day, Carrie would get the tube from Essex to work in London until 6pm, get the tube home, eat dinner and then drive to London where she’d film Jackpot.

Carrie would work on the show until 3am before getting home and to bed at 4am.

She added: "I would get into bed at 4am and have my alarm set for 7.30am.

“I'd shower, get dressed and do my make up on the Tube."

She added: "I used to think of it as, there are other people who have gone into work with a hangover, but I've gone out and worked.

"And I'd still be hitting big budgets and meeting clients."

She never made a big deal about working on TV with her colleagues but said it was “like leading a double life”.

Carrie noted: "That was my life, it was what I did, and I was earning good money and realising my bank balance was building."

The couple were married in 2019 and moved into their new home in April 2020.

Carrie said: "On the day we moved in my husband started knocking down the brick archway and we went from there.

"We tried to tackle it room by room – sanding, priming, painting.

"We would do it in the evenings and weekends, and later on even during my lunch breaks when I was working at home I would crack on with it.

"It all looks much more modern – and brighter.

"I look at it now and think we have done a really good job. We are really proud of it. We have worked our backsides off."

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Carrie and Carl, an electrical engineer, have slowed down on the renovations since son Carter Rocco was born in July, but they haven’t stopped.

Carrie joked: “When I gave birth I still had paint in my hair.

"I've got the arty gene.

"The DIY comes from lots of YouTube tutorials, I just think 'I've got to give it a go and surely if others can do it I can'."

You can follow Carrie and her home renovation journey here: @carrie_herrington and @the_herringtons_home.

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