Tyson Fury admits Deontay Wilder’s costume excuse could be true as Bronze Bomber was not the ‘animal’ he trained for – The Sun

TYSON FURY has backed Deontay Wilder’s flimsy 'heavy costume' excuse for the heavyweight battering he suffered at the Gypsy King’s hands.

On February 22, with the world expecting a thrilling cat-and-mouse fight between the 6ft 9in stylist and the terrifying American KO artist, Fury switched rolls and bulldozed the banger.

Wilder and his trainer Jay Deas reeled out excuses, first shamelessly blaming respected cornerman Mark Breland for throwing in the towel.

And then, the most far fetched tale, that the flashy 40lbs LA-made costume he wore into the ring drained the Olympic bronze winner of his energy, accuracy and power.

But 31-year-old Fury, who did 12 rounds with the Bronze Bomber in 2018 and was dropped by him twice before the classic was called a draw, says the drastic dip in his form could have been down to one of his reasons.

The undefeated WBC boss said: “Although it was a fantastic victory for myself and it was a great fight, it just did seem that Wilder maybe wasn’t himself.

“Maybe all the excuses he made, some of them were true. Maybe his legs were sore from the costume, maybe he did have the flu, maybe he did have a broken arm or a bone in his back or whatever.

“I’m not sure because that wasn’t the Deontay Wilder that I prepared for. That wasn’t the animal I put myself through all those hours in training for.

“Like I said, it would be one of my easiest fights, and it was. I believe that was one of my easiest fights apart from the early knockovers that I had.

“And on this level you don’t usually get that sort of easy victory, with heavyweight champions of the world.”

Tyson did warn all of his critics and doubters that he would abandon his trademark stick-and-move style to walk down and batter the 34-year-old.

The only thing he got wrong was the round-two prediction as Wilder was pulled out in the seventh.

The new champ found the challenge so easy he even felt disappointed at the lack of fireworks.

He said: “To be honest I was quite disappointed in the challenge that Wilder brought.

“Because I did train for 12 rounds, at any pace, and put myself through hell and back for ten weeks in the training camp.

“And I prepared for the best fighter on the planet, I prepared for the most vicious puncher on the Earth that there’s ever been.

“And I was quite disappointed because it wasn’t the challenge that I expected.

“The guy’s been heavyweight champion of the world and made ten title defences, knocked out every single person.

“Only to go in there with me, who’s usually a boxer, counter-puncher, master-skilled boxer, and get absolutely destroyed in a few rounds.”

Wilder has accepted the trilogy fight rematch that was written into their contract, only for coronavirus to KO their plans.

The winner will hopefully go into an Undisputed decider against WBA, IBF and WBO champ Anthony Joshua, who regained his titles after the 2019 mauling from Andy Ruiz Jr.

But Fury, who has now outboxed Wladimir Klitschko and outpunched Wilder, fears AJ and the rest of the division lack the quality to motivate him.

He said: “I trained for an absolute battle royale and I didn’t get that, so hopefully there’s a couple of fighters out there that, when I do go into training camp and I do serious training, that they will be worthy of the challenge.

“I’m not in boxing to be heavyweight champion or win some belts or anything. I’m here to give the fans what they want, battle royales, and the best fights that can be made.

“From what I’m seeing, if that’s the best out there, then I’m not gonna get the worthy challengers that I crave.”

One crazy challenge Fury has already accepted is a fight with Scotland’s new WWE world champion Drew McIntyre.

The Ayr man beat former UFC heavyweight ace Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania on Sunday night.

And Fury, who wrestled for the US company last year against Brawn Strowman in Saudi Arabia, fancies an all-British battle.

He said: “I was supposed to be at WrestleMania 36, but obviously with the coronavirus I couldn’t be there.

“I probably would have jumped in the ring and set about both of them. But you know I’m all open for the challenge.

“I beat one giant wrestler who’s bigger than Drew, Braun Strowman, knocked him clean out, I’m sure I’d do the same to our old Drew.

"I’m in the prime of my life and like I’ve shown before, I can cross over to any sport and win.

“If Drew McIntyre wants to speak to the Gypsy King then he doesn’t have to look very far because I’m here and I’m available.

“Look what I’ve just done to Deontay Wilder, the most fearsome puncher in the history of world heavyweight boxing, so I’ll have no problems smashing Drew McIntyre.”

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